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The more popular an operating system is, the more chances it has of being targeted by outsiders. A clear example can be found in Windows, an operating system with a market share of around 90% and which is the focus of hacker activity, since they have a better chance of reaching a larger number of users. Android is another operating system that is focusing the activity of friends of aliens, but they are not the only ones.

With the rise of streaming video platforms, many are the users who access these platforms through an Amazon Fire TV or a Google Chromecast, since, in general, they offer better performance than that offered by the most smart TVs, so it can be found in millions of homes around the world. In addition, they have a very affordable price, which has also contributed to their expansion.

Both the Fire TV and the Google Chromecast are managed by a version of Android, so they are susceptible to being infected by malicious software designed for this operating system and which, unfortunately, is increasing. If, in addition to consuming content via streaming with these devices, we also use it to browse the internet or download content, we are putting the security of our device at risk.

If we are unlucky enough to download infected content, we are putting the data of our access accounts at risk to streaming video platforms, to our Google or Amazon account among others.

Best antivirus for Fire TV Stick and Google TV

The first thing to keep in mind when installing an antivirus is that we need to download it from the internet in order to install it. Natively, neither Amazon’s Fire TV nor Google TV include a tool that allows us to download content to the device. In order to carry out this action, we must previously download the application Downloader from the app store. Next, we just have to enter the download URLs of the best antivirus for these devices that we show you below.

android antivirus

  • BitDefender. Bitdefender is a classic in the world of antivirus, being one of the best options within the Android ecosystem. It consumes very few resources, something very important considering that it is an application that is always running in the background analyzing everything we do with the device. We can download Bitdefender through this link.
  • WebRoot. Another interesting alternative that we can also use to make our Fire TV or Google TV a completely secure device is WebRoot, an application that takes up very little storage space and with a very intuitive interface that allows us to analyze the equipment in real time and check all installed applications to ensure that they do not contain any type of malicious software. The WebRoot download is available via the link below.
  • malwarebytes. If we talk about antivirus, we cannot fail to mention other classics in this industry such as Malwarebytes, an antivirus that does not need any kind of introduction. This application for Android is one of the best options currently available on the market with a high reliability index and it consumes very few resources. We can download Malwarebytes for our Fire TV or Google TV through here.

All the links that we have shown belong to APK Pure, a website that allows us to download APK files directly to our device and install them manually. The Google Play Store does not offer us this option, but is responsible for downloading and installing them directly and if this is not available on the device where we want to install a certain application, it will not be possible to do so.

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