These are the best Valentine’s Day apps for your Mac

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day. By the way, I don’t know if you knew that behind the story of the most romantic day there is a decapitation and body parts scattered throughout Europe. Saint Valentine in the 2nd century allegedly broke a Roman ban on marrying and so he suffered a horrible death and subsequent desecration of his corpse. Since then, the way we have to honor him and show how brave he was with his actions every February 14 is to show our love for that special person with gifts. But not only chocolates, flowers or romantic dinners, we can also give applications for Mac and why not take advantage and make ourselves a gift. Because I am going to tell you one thing, they may love us but the first thing you must love is yourself.

Just a bit of Valentine’s history.

The Catholic martyr Saint Valentine was beheaded on February 14, 3rd century. Apparently he didn’t like the Roman norm that It was forbidden to celebrate marriages. After his death, it is stated that his heart is in a church in Dublin. His alleged skull is on display in a basilica in Rome. His skeleton would be in Glasgow, inside a gold box. But not complete because it is said that a bone from his shoulder would be in Prague. It clashes a bit with what they say from Spain, which states that the remains of the Saint are found in the church of San Antón in Madrid.

Be that as it may, the tradition of giving each other something on that day prevails since those dates. It is known that in times of the ancient Roman Empire the festival of the Lupercales was celebrated. When lovers welcome spring. Single women and men wrote their names on ballots. They were distributed randomly and the paired began a courtship that could end in marriage.

Something similar has come down to our days. What we do now is give that person we love a detail to indicate what we feel. It is not usually thought of giving away more than flowers, chocolates, dinners or romantic getaways. However, we tell you that it is also a nice detail give away applications for Mac, especially if the recipient of the gift is very technological. We are going to see some that are sure to be to your liking.

Air Buddy 2

AirBuddy 2, allows us just by opening the AirPods box next to the Mac, to see what its status is immediately. With a single click we can connect the headphones to the computer. A swipe down lets you connect and change listening modes at the same time. Best of all, fully customizable battery alerts help you keep track of your device’s batteries. Also we must not forget that we have quick actions and smart statistics.

It costs 10.88 euros, but it is well worth it.

air buddy 2

XSplit VCam Premium

Now that we have to live in a time in which we must spend almost as much time as possible behind the screens, relationships are not being as personal as we would like. It is true that there are applications that make our lives easier. XSplit VCam is one of them. This application will help us create transmissions similar to television. This guarantees us a high quality and above all the absence of Lag and annoying noises to be able to maintain impressive audiovisual conversations.

It is not free, but from 27 euros per year, it can be worth it.

XSplit for Mac

we passed to the applications of hearts. Those that will make you look great with your partner, especially for originality.

Valentine Photo Frames

Now that we are in the age of taking selfies anywhere and anytime, it is easy to have a picture of our partner in some romantic place or in a very significant moment. If you want you can immortalize that moment with a touch of originality. For this, the application called Valentine’s Day Photo Frames puts at our disposal a large number of photo frames with which to personalize our photographs. It allows us to use different filters and add stickers to customize. All this in addition, with the soundtrack that you like the most.

This application is available for download in full free, although it includes ads and in-app purchases to access all available frameworks. Compatible with Macs with the M1 processor.

Valentine Photo Frames (AppStore Link)

It may not be an application to give away directly, but we can use it to liven up the perfect evening you have planned. If you have a dinner or similar and you want the atmosphere to be one of the most loving in the world, you can’t miss a soundtrack. For that we can use this application that is free and that will help us choose the most romantic song or musical theme.

We even have the possibility to put playlists already preselected that will make us forget to choose the appropriate song at all times and we can focus on what really matters: The moment. The lists are:

one) emotional Valentine

2) Love Piano

3) Hello

4) French Rose

5) Playing Sees it

6) The Legend of the pianist

7) sky fall

8) Mozart’s Melody

9) Flowers

10) be my baby

11) Hot feelings

12) candles

Best Love Songs Love (AppStore Link)

WallpaperWizard 2

With this application, we can choose between hundreds of HD desktop photos and the good thing is that the application will choose a new background every week, every day or every hour. For this special day such as Valentine’s Day, we can choose to change the background every hour and as its search engine is focused on Google images, we will surely obtain good wallpapers for the screen of the Mac perfect for the day of love

The app has a cost of 9.99 euros, but if you like to dream every time you look at the screen, it won’t be inconvenient… If not, you can always choose one of those that we have already put for you here or here.

Wallpaper Wizard 2 (AppStore Link)

Valentine´s Day Themes By TH

An application that will allow us to choose between different templates and that is compatible with Apple’s native document editor program: pages. They offer 15 templates of the highest quality and in standard A4 format. You can personalize your own love cards for this special day. Use one as an invitation for that romantic evening you are preparing. If you have a Mac, it will be a breeze.

Valentine's Day Themes by TH (AppStore Link)

Hero Valentine’s Day Templates

Very similar to the previous one. But this time the templates are compatible with Word. The “par excellence” text editor. It offers the same number of templates, 15, at the highest quality and in the same A4 format. We can open Word and start editing the spaces enabled for it. If you don’t have Pages or you don’t like it or you need to install it. Here you go for MS Word.

Hero Valentine's Day Templates (AppStore Link)

Photo collage

We open this selection of applications for Mac with which we can perform a series of Collage of photos with which to impress our partner. Every 365 days we celebrate Valentine’s Day. A whole year that has had everything and as I was saying before, surely in all that time you have taken a lot of photographs. A good idea is to make a collage with all of them or with the best ones.

Instantane – Collage Maker

With this App with which we can choose between the sizes of most common paper available on the market.

The way to use this application is so simple that we will only have to drag and drop from external applications such as Finde or from the library that we have previously configured.

The app is free and is highly rated on the App Store.

Instantane - Collage Maker (AppStore Link)


A classic for which we must pay 7.99 euros. But time has proved this application right with almost 5 stars in the macOS store. It has 73 customizable frames with which to insert up to 9 photos for each of them. The great iPhone and iPad application is on Mac. So if you’ve already tried it, there’s not much more to tell you.

PicFrame (AppStore Link)

Pixelmator Pro

This Application is not specific to edit or create photo frames for this Valentine’s Day. But it will serve us for birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, in short, for any occasion. Ok, it’s not a cheap app. 39.99 euros are not spent just like that. But if you want a powerful but intuitive application that allows you to create dream photo montages, Pixelmator is yours and much cheaper than the other more renowned ones like Photoshop. Five possible stars out of five and within the editors’ selection, they endorse it.

Pixelmator Pro (AppStore Link)

We hope that with this selection we have covered almost all the needs that may arise on a day like this. It is special and some of these may help you to fulfill the perfect evening. Remember that as the song says, love is in the air. Enjoy it in good company and that everything goes great. In case you are single, I hope you find someone who completes you and if you don’t want to, then treat yourself and enjoy this day.

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