These are the differences between a 3D mouse and a joystick

Although the comparison may seem obvious when reading 3D mouse or 3D mouse, as soon as we look at the most advanced and specific models we will understand that the visual comparison has its logic, since almost no one would know what it really is.

Joysticks have changed so much that they hardly resemble the mental image we have, so let’s face them and see if they are really that similar.

3D mouse, what is it really for?

Formerly they were curiously called 3D CAD mice for the use that was given to them with this software. Therefore, they are specific mice for designers, developers, even some content editors and, above all, engineers of any kind.

It is therefore, and given the explanation, a mouse focused on 3D environments where the three-dimensional space of the software is paramount and where a multitude of virtual devices such as accelerometers or potentiometers can be handled and this is precisely where the entire comparison with joysticks comes into play. since these are also being used in similar environments.


In addition, they have a link and it is nothing more than virtual reality, since both devices can be used perfectly here. The main difference here is something natural in both cases, since the 3D mouse is used to be more productive, while the joystick is used for pure entertainment in games that could perfectly well be airplanes, or an improved arcade.

Why is the joystick confused with its rival?

Because of the shape of the latest models that we have been seeing for a few years. We all have in mind the typical joystick of the Atari 2600or an airplane simulator with its steering lever, or even the one that the arcades had with the typical lever and upper ball.

The functionalities of these unlike 3D mice have not changed too much, the design yes, giant steps have been taken there, but in benefits beyond improving precision, touch and durability as such it does not represent a comparison with the first.


In addition, the problem does not come so much from the PC as from mobile devices, since in Android there is a joystick that we would not be able to tell which device we are looking at and they integrate controllers like those that have the Steam Deck or any current portable console in the purest style gamepad.

And this is where people get confused the most precisely because of this directional functionality, but the features are not really even close, since the mouse professional 3d They have really complex designs, with dozens of buttons around the hand and yes, a central section as if it were a joystick, but we will not see any of the last ones with a 3D mouse design, and we refer to the exposed photos.

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