These are the functions to look for in an image viewer

Microsoft, aware of all this, offers us several functions and applications in its own operating system, Windows 10, to facilitate these treatments. But of course to all this we have to add the multiple applications and third-party platforms that will be very helpful in this regard. In fact despite the application UWP That Microsoft makes available to us after installing Windows 10, many users use external solutions to view their photos.

It is true that we have at our disposal a good number of solutions of this type that act as photo viewers for Windows. It is up to the user to choose the one that most interests him in each case, which will be the one that best suits his needs. However, there are a series of functions and characteristics that we should find in all these programs in an almost obligatory way.

Keep in mind that a photo viewer is a software that we are going to use in a multitude of situations on a day-to-day basis with our computer, so it must be up to the task. Next we will expose some of the characteristics that should be mandatory in this type of program in particular.

Compatibility with all image formats

There is no doubt that one of the premises that we must demand of this type of program is that they be capable of opening practically all image formats. This is something that the people in charge and developers of the application have to take care of and keep it updated. In this way, what is achieved is that the program is compatible with the latest file formats on the market.

Therefore, if we find a viewer of photos which has not been updated for a long time, the best we can do is look for another alternative.

Additional editing functions

At first these programs are focused on viewing photos in the best possible way. But it is true that some basic functions for editing the photographs that we open here will never hurt. In this way we will have the possibility to add arrows, texts, cut out a certain part, or simply correct the brightness and contrast.

If what we need is to use a more advanced treatment, the best thing is that we opt for a program for editing rather than for display.

Shortcut keys on the viewer

On many occasions we are going to find that we have to visualize and sometimes retouch in a basic way hundreds or thousands of photos. For this we are going to use, how could it be otherwise, a viewer of images in Windows. However, it will be very useful that it has a series of direct access keys to be able to move between them in a much more comfortable way.

Specifically, we refer to keyboard shortcuts to functions such as moving between files, zooming in, automatically correcting the brightness, etc.

Fluency in its operation and little consumption of resources

It is worth mentioning that sometimes we find certain photo viewers in Windows full of additional functions in addition to the visualization as such. Likewise, sometimes these affect the program performance when loading and viewing these multimedia contents. At the same time, these additional functions are responsible for carrying out a certain consumption of computer resources, something that in most cases we will not have enough.

And it is that when choosing a photo viewer we have to prioritize the loading of these contents on the screen practically immediately. In addition, we are not interested in a program of this type that makes a stop Resource consumption unnecessarily.

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