These are the limitations of WiFi, when will it be fixed?

To surf the Internet we can do it through wireless or cable networks. In recent years the Wifi has gained a very important weight and it is clear that it is what we use the most to connect our mobiles, tablets, televisions… Now, what limitations do you still have this technology? Could it improve in the future? We are going to talk about it in this article and you will see what problems you may still have.

Wi-Fi still has limitations

It is true that today’s Wi-Fi has nothing to do with that of a few years ago. Without a doubt there are important improvements, we have greater speed and that makes it really a alternative to ethernet cable. But even so, there are still certain limitations that are going to continue at least for a while.


One of the most important limitations is the coverage. We cannot connect via Wi-Fi from an excessively great distance without slowing down or even running out of network. It is a problem that can be solved if we use some devices such as repeaters, Mesh systems or PLC, but even so it is not always possible.

Therefore, a limitation that Wi-Fi currently has is still coverage. We can carry out an installation of Ethernet cables in our home and connect from several tens of meters without problems, but the same does not happen when we connect wirelessly.


Another problem that will be solved over time is the incompatibility between devices. Not so much to be able to connect to Wi-Fi, since most devices today can, but to obtain optimal results. What does this mean? Not all current devices can use the Wi-Fi 6 protocol, which is the latest.

In this way, not all devices are really going to be able to connect at the maximum speed that Wi-Fi currently allows. And here we must name the router, as a key piece to be able to have the Internet, but also any other device that we connect, such as a computer, mobile phone, tablet… The most current models are already incorporating Wi-Fi 6, but it is not present in the older or lower end.


One issue that has always plagued Wi-Fi networks is security. Although today it is much more reliable than a few years ago, we still have certain limitations and there are certain points that we must take into account. There is still a long way to go before we can talk about full securityat least be the same as using an Ethernet cable.

Why do we say this? For example, there are public networks. We cannot control who is behind a Wi-Fi, since it could have been created only for the purpose of stealing data. If we connect to networks in airports or shopping malls, there may be a hacker inside and spying on us.

Also, although in this case we can easily solve the problem, there is the risk that an intruder may enter our Wi-Fi network. We can avoid this if we create a strong password and always have the router updated correctly. It is a risk that can always be present.

In short, as you can see there are certain limitations that are still part of Wi-Fi technology. It is important to connect with total security and sometimes also take into account the alternative of the Ethernet cable, since it may be better. Something interesting is finding the best Wi-Fi channel.

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