These are the mistakes we make the most when using Ubuntu

To make this possible, the top managers and developers of the distro have already been in charge. Keep in mind that while Linux was once limited to a few experts, today it is an accessible system for most. To a large extent, this is achieved thanks to the intuitive graphical user interface that we have in most current distributions. How could it be otherwise this is something that is extended to the aforementioned Ubuntu.

Precisely because of all this that we tell you, there are many users who decide to put Microsoft’s Windows aside and migrate to this software. Similarly, there are many who use it as an operating or secondary system for certain more specific tasks. However, despite its good performance, we must also do our part so that everything goes according to plan. And it is that on certain occasions we commit some major bugs when using Ubuntu.

All this is something because we are going to comment below and what we should avoid to get the most out of this open source operating system. Making mistakes is common, and we always have the possibility of solving and correcting them over time.

Failures to avoid when using Ubuntu

The first thing we should know at this point is that in Ubuntu we have a huge number of customizable parameters and functions. However, we usually commit the Failure to start modifying all this without first having made a backup copy from the original configuration. Therefore, sometimes when modifying system configuration files, if things don’t go the way we want, we don’t know how to go back. We should also know that, although in appearance Ubuntu seems similar to Windows, internally it has little to do with it.

We tell you all this because we must not confuse the installation or the work we do with the applications installed here. How could it be otherwise, the Linux community gives great importance to everything related to it open source software. The vast majority of the applications that we will use here will be free. But at the same time we must take into consideration the repositories that we have at hand to install the necessary software in Ubuntu.

ubuntu programs

Another mistake that we usually make here, when using Ubuntu on a regular basis, is not keeping both the system and applications updated installed. This is something that can directly affect the operation of the entire assembly, causing unexpected errors. Here it is also interesting to know that pre-installed applications found in Ubuntu They are of all kinds and developed by third parties. This means that here we will be able to really start working with the team from the first minute.

The aforementioned is very different from what happens for example in Windows that we find applications from Microsoft itself that in most cases we do not want at all. To finish, we will tell you that another common failure is to think that all Linux distributions are the same as Ubuntu. In the event that later we decide to install and use other distros, sometimes it will cost us a lot.

This means that both the operation and the appearance of the interface of other Linux systems can vary substantially with respect to Ubuntu. With this, what we want to tell you is that we would make a serious mistake if we think that all these distributions are equal.

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