These are the most common scams and confusions

The truth is that there are more and more banks that are compatible with this instant payment method. In turn, users use this system, not only to pay friends, but also to use it in multiple stores and internet platforms. That is precisely why the use of Bizum has grown so much over the last few years. However, as is the case with most digital transactions that we carry out online, we must be careful.

And it is that as the use of this payment method has grown, scams and deception attempts have also appeared to keep our money. There are all kinds of malicious actors, and those who try to take advantage of Bizum are growing exponentially in recent times. (Xanax) In the same way, we are also the ones who can make a mistake when using this technology. We want to talk about all of this below so that take care of our money when using this payment system that is so common today.

Beware of the Social Security scam

Here we refer to one of the most common scams that you can find when using me Bizum. The technique consists of sending a text message that we receive on the phone on behalf of Social Security. Here we are asked for a payment that we must make through this payment system. Obviously all of this is a fraud in order to obtain bank details and money.

We must bear in mind that an entity such as the Social Security It is not going to suddenly ask us for a payment through this platform, so we should be wary.

Try not to mistake the number when making a Bizum

Surely many of you already know first-hand that when we make a payment through this platform, we want to enter the corresponding number of the recipient. We have the possibility of entering it by hand or selecting it from our agenda. If we make many payments through Bizum, we may neglect this important step. However, we must be careful because otherwise it can cost us get that money back sometimes.

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Take precautions when buying second-hand

On certain occasions when we make purchases of products through one of the many second-hand platforms such as Wallapop, the seller requests payment through Bizum. This is something that is used on many occasions to defraud the seller who, of course, will never receive the purchased product. Keep in mind that many second-hand sellers carry out this type of scam with small amounts, but for many sellers.

From there claiming the money sent can sometimes become an odyssey, so we may not even do it. In short, the payment through this system to strangers It is not the most recommended.

Do not make Bizum in advance

The same thing happens when they ask us for a payment for whatever reason, but in advance. And it is that we must bear in mind that the payments made by Bizum cannot be cancelled. Therefore, at this point and in the event that we feel cheated by making an advance payment with this system, we should contact our banking entity to see what they offer us.

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