These are the most controversial YouTubers you can come across online

Getting a good base of loyal followers on YouTube is not easy at all. You have to be constant, reinvent yourself from time to time and continue to provide fresh and quality content to stay on top every day. Almost everything in this world is already invented, and in the same way that the programs of the heart survive, there are youtubers who have opted for the controversy to always stay in the spotlight. These are some of the most incendiary youtubers on the scene right now.

Can controversy be monetized? these 5 youtubers they live from it


They say that when you’re up, the only thing that can happen is that you fall. And in part, that is what has happened to willyrex. Willy has always been a youtuber very correct. In fact, in the videos of him he didn’t even swear in order to open up to a wider audience. However, the man from Madrid one day decided to change his approach and insist with NFTs.

From there, Willy has been accused on numerous occasions of being a swindler and wanting to sell smoke to minors.



His specialty is hate everything that has to do with PlayStation. The videos of him are almost unbearable, but Sasel has a large base of followers who accompany him every day, listen to his madness and repeat the term “pipero” like parrots. Without a doubt, one of the most curious and controversial characters in the world of video games.

wall street wolverine

VĂ­ctor DomĂ­nguez is another YouTube character who usually generates quite a bit of controversy every time he opens his mouth. Normally this is due to the fact that he usually touches the themes of politics and economics. There is an audience that loves him and another that hates him and is dedicated to extracting fragments of his videos to share them on Twitter. Of course, we must thank him for the term ‘hold with balls’ that he coined so as not to lose money by investing in cryptocurrencies.

I’m a sucker

I'm a loser

Esty Quesada rose to fame by standing in front of a camera and saying without pause everything that was going through her head without biting her tongue in the slightest. His topics are very varied, but he usually tells personal anecdotes about harassment and salseo on the Internet and the world of television.

I’m a loser has been involved in various controversies, from her mythical “Carlota Corredera, fat treacherous” to her interview with Gabriel Rufián at La Fábrica. However, Quesada has opened many debates on his YouTube channel related to harassment, domestic violence, bullying and the LGBT world.



Xokas usually does direct, but his editors select the content of his streams for his YouTube channel. Since he rose to fame a little over a year ago, Xokas has always been in the spotlight for his crazy and unfiltered style. In fact, this 2022 is not being as good a year for the Galician as the past.

It is obvious that Xokas seeks controversy so that they talk about him. However, the superb style of him and his tone outputs They have played tricks on him, such as his blunder with fake accounts, or some unfortunate statements that Twitter has used to try to cancel this creator at all costs.

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