These are the most useful uses you can give TeamViewer

Largely thanks to the increasingly widespread use of the internet, remote mode jobs continue to grow and improve in terms of use. There are many applications that help us in this type of work, being TeamViewer one of the industry leaders.

The truth is that thanks to the connections we have at the moment we can carry out almost all kinds of tasks. In this way, today from our computers having an internet connection we can work, play, chat, make videoconferences, watch movies, listen to music, program, etc. It is true that for some of these modes we need high speed connections, but most of us already have these.

Along these same lines, what we want to do is focus on those tasks related to remote desktop programs. As we mentioned earlier, one of the greatest exponents of this software sector is found in the aforementioned TeamViewer. This is a useful as well as powerful application that has been giving us service for several years and that has not stopped growing and improving. In addition, to this we must add that it has a free mode for non-commercial use that will get us out of a lot of trouble.

Precisely for all this we are going to see some of the most common uses that we can do with this application. The first thing we must do for all this is download the remote desktop program from its official website. Only a few years ago when a friend asked us for help because his computer was crashing, we took what was necessary to go to his house and sit in front of his PC. But in these times thanks to remote desktop programs TeamViewer type, this is no longer necessary.

Fix problems on the PC of friends and family

It is enough for the other computer to start up and have a connection so that we can start a session and access it directly from our place. We can act as if we were sitting in front of the other computer.

In this way we can control it directly from our keyboard and mouse, as well as carry out all kinds of tasks, install programs, modify the system, etc. keep in mind that we will even have the opportunity to send content from our local PC to the friend’s remotely. It goes without saying how many problems we can solve in this way without even having to leave the house.

Likewise, this will allow us to access our computer from any other as long as we have left it on and with the loaded program. What’s more, thanks to TeamViewer this is something that we can even do from our mobile phone or tablet. As you can imagine, we have an app for mobile devices that will be very helpful in these cases. Obviously, companies can also benefit from all this to help their own customers who have problems with computers.

However, it must be taken into account that for this type of task TeamViewer offers a paid version as it is a Commercial use. As end users, we have the possibility to take advantage of all the functions available here without having to pay a single euro.

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