These are the Netflix games that you can try through its mobile application

when we believed that Netflix could not improve more, in November of last 2021 he announced that would launch a games section for the mobile app. Of course, he started with just a few titles to test the waters and see how his subscribers took it. Over time, new games have been arriving, and if you still don’t know which ones you have available for Android, then we are going to show you the catalog of Netflix games today.

Netflix was not going to make it difficult for us to access its new games section, which all its subscribers can enjoy, regardless of the payment plan of each one. Furthermore, all the games on the VOD platform can be found on both Android and iOS phones. Once you access the Games section, you will be able to see which ones there are, and by clicking on the link, you will be able to download it to start playing.

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All the Netflix games you can install

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Despite the fact that new games have been added to the new Netflix section over time, these are still somewhat scarce. The advantage is that despite being few, these they are very varied, so surely you can find more than one that is the style you like. Next, we leave you with the games available on Netflix for Android and iOS.

Stranger Things: 1984

The first of the Netflix games is that of one of its most popular series. Stranger Things 1984sand is presented as a side-scrolling adventure title which is not lacking in action, and of course, a good number of tributes to the series.

Stranger Things 3: The Game

But the popular series not only has a game on netflix, but there are two that you will be able to find, and both maintain the retro aesthetic. In this title you will be able to play as 12 different characters with whom you will explore the world in reverse.

In addition to being able to play with these 12 characters, you also have the option to team up with a friend to enter the Upside Down, although if you prefer, you can enter alone.

Krispee Street

this other title will delight young and old, especially to those who in their youth enjoyed Where’s Wally?. In this title available on Netflix you will enjoy colorful and artistic settings.

This title is based on the webcomic, a game in which you have to search for hidden objects, which is now full of the most varied characters and objects to search for.

bowling ballers

A game that although something typical always manages to hook us, are the bowling. And now you can enjoy a charming and colorful bowling title in which, of course, you will have to destroy as many as you can.

Teether (Up)

The new section of Netflix does not lack games to make you think, as is the case with Teeter (Up). This is a puzzle title in which you can relax while you take a ball to the hole.

Card Blast

As we explained to you at the beginning, in the Netflix games section you have a varied selection of titles so you can enjoy the styles that you like the most, despite the fact that at the moment there are not many that you have available.

Now we present you Card Blast, get to create your winning hand and make a full house if you can. A high speed poker game ideal for those who want to spend a short time playing.


a curious puzzle game in which, as you progress, you will be able to help cute kittens to look spectacular. It is a version of three in a row of the most fun and entertaining.

Wonderputt Forever

On Netflix you also have a fun mini golf game in which the limits practically do not exist. Plan your shots carefully and get the golf ball into the hole in as few shots as possible. Every time you complete a new level, the course will come to life to change and prepare for the next hole.

Domino’s Cafe

We continue with a quiet game of domino games, in which you will find realistic challenges in contests of one and two players.

Asphalt Xtreme

We continue with a Netflix game ideal for car lovers, Enjoy the best offroad racing in 3D. You’ll have to skid across the dunes, traverse canyons and get past your rivals as fast as possible in extreme off-road racing.

Shooting Hoops

Another fun game that will be ideal to enjoy your relaxing time. In this case, you’ll have to throw a basketball into the hoop, but with a somewhat different dynamic, since you’ll have to help yourself by shooting darts in the right direction to score the ball.

Arcanium: Rise of Akhan

Another of the games that you can find on Netflix is ​​a title in which you will have to choose your heroes to launch to save the world of Arzu, an open world strategy card game.

As you may have seen, there are not many games that you have on Netflix, despite this, they are very varied, they are included with the subscription to the platform, and also, they do not have ads.

Hextech Mayhem Netflix Edition

The latest game available in the Netflix catalog is Hextech Mayhem Netflix Edition, a platform title that will raise your adrenaline with its particular game rhythm.

As you may have seen, the catalog of Netflix games available is quite varied, so you will not be short of options when it comes to finding a genre that you like.

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