These are the new features coming to the iPhone

Apple’s machinery never stops, and if last Monday the big announcement was that the official versions of iOS 16.4, iPadOS 16.4, macOS 13.3, watchOS 9.4 and tvOS 16.4 were already available, yesterday the Cupertino company already put On the table, for developers, the first beta of iOS 16.5 and iPadOS 16.5. If you want to know everything new that this version brings, keep reading that in this post we will tell you everything.

Apple is a company that, among many other things, is known for the great number of versions it is capable of launching throughout a year, which exemplifies the eagerness they have in Cupertino to give users the best possible experience through their devices. Well, we barely had time to talk about the final version of iOS 16.4, since as we have commented, yesterday the first developer beta of iOS 16.5.

What’s new in iOS 16.5?

The truth is Apple has started the development of this new version somewhat watered down, since from the outset, in these first hours in which the developers and those who have entered the beta program, they have not been able to shell out many new features. The main and, for the moment, the most important is that it seems that Siri will be able to perform more actionsand is that now you can ask your voice assistant to be the one who start a screen recordingsomething that for many content creators can be very useful, not to mention those users who have motor problems and who, now, will not have to press any button to record the screen of their iPhone.

However, Apple still has several improvements to be released that were announced at WWDC 2022, and the truth is that at the moment, there is no trace of them, which does not mean that they cannot be seen in a of the upcoming betas of iOS 16.5. These functions are, for example, Apple Pay Laterwhich has been known to be enabled for a select group of users in the United States, so it seems that the arrival of this new Apple service may be close.

One of the most striking novelties of iOS 16 that could be seen at WWDC is the new CarPlay, of which today there is no trace. An update that, of course, will revolutionize the car of all those who have the opportunity to install it in their vehicles, since the changes that Apple announced in this version were really attractive and, above all, very functional. Another function about which practically nothing is known is that of contact verification in Messages, which will allow all users to verify the identity of the person they are talking to to prevent fraud, intended mainly for users who may be the target of digital threats, or other fraudulent practices. However, what is clear is that, for now, iOS 16.5 has not arrived very strong in terms of news, yes, it cannot be ruled out that in future betas Apple includes some of the news that we have just discussed.

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