These are the new headphones that Apple will release very soon

Today, one of the companies with the greatest variety of headphones that is capable of offering users is, without a doubt, Apple, and a good proof of this is the wide variety of AirPods and Beats that you can find within the Apple Store. Well, in a very short time there will be a new model within this entire catalogue. If you want to know what it is about, keep reading and we will tell you.

The new Beats Studio Buds+ are coming

It’s been quite a few years now Beats is owned by Apple, and the truth is that the course that this brand has taken is quite different from the one it had when those from Cupertino acquired it. Historically, Beats has always been known for over-ear headphones.especially for the Beats Studio, which obviously can still be bought, although the truth is that they have not undergone any type of modification for a long time.

Beats Studio Buds

Apple has wanted to focus this brand on small headphones, especially for those looking for a much more sporty product than AirPods, and the truth is that each and every one of the models are high-quality headphones with incredible features. A good example of this are the Beats Studio Buds, which we can say are one of the headphones with the best quality/price ratio you can find on the market. Well, just this model seems to be renewed very soon by its next generation, the Beats Studio Buds+which will not come with hardly aesthetic changes but will improve, in theory, both the Noise Cancellationwhich is currently very good, as well as the sound quality, which is also quite good on current models. Therefore, the update of this product is undoubtedly great news, since it improves what it already was and is quite good, although it will be necessary to check if this increase in features does not also mean an increase in the sale price of this product. .

Will they be better than AirPods Pro?

Many users will wonder if the strategy that Apple is following with Beats is really appropriate, since it is somehow taking away sales of AirPods, although if you look at it from an economic point of view, in the end everything ends in the same place, in Cupertino. Now, the reality is that the public that buys Beats headphones, surely before buying AirPods, would buy another model of headphones, especially since their design is quite different.

Beats Studio Buds 2

Specifically, these Beats Studio Buds+ will arrive to improve the current version, but at no time to compete with AirPods Pro, since in the end they cannot either. Although it is true that the Beats offer really good features at a very balanced price, the AirPods Pro far surpass these headphones in both noise cancellation and sound quality, therefore, starting from that base, it is difficult for these Beats Studio Buds+ may take market share away from AirPods Pro.

Lastly, it should be noted that the launch of these Beats headphones does not have a specific datealthough the most normal thing is that it is in the coming weeks because Apple has already registered them with the FCC, which indicates that in a very short time, all those who want to get one, will be able to do so without any problem.

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