These are the premieres of the week on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon

Premieres of the week on Netflix

These are the premieres of the week on the streaming service. It is not the most prolific that we remember from the platform, so if nothing convinces you, remember that you can always watch some of the best Netflix series according to the reviews that we have compiled for you.

Wednesday May 11

You have to jump to Wednesday, May 11, to find the first releases of the week in the red N. The first of them, and perhaps the most interesting of these 7 days, is Our fathera documentary film about how a woman taking a DNA test at home discovers that she has countless step-siblings scattered across the country and, of course, a common father: a fertility doctor.

This day also comes 42 days in the dark, a Chilean mystery series in which Cecilia desperately searches for her missing sister. It’s based on real events.

Thursday May 12

Thursday comes the new series Wild beauty with its first full season. In it, an enigmatic woman infiltrates a very powerful family in order to avenge her tragic past.

Friday May 13

Did you get hooked on reality The empire of ostentation? Well, you know that season 2 of these rich Asians arrives on Friday to keep reminding you of what poor What are you -wink, wink.

If what you prefer is a new series, then you can give a try to The Lincoln Lawyer, whose first season also arrives on May 13 to entertain you over the weekend. In it, a lawyer restarts his career after suffering an accident, getting fully involved in a murder investigation.

You can also choose to new goalsa Swiss series that also arrives with its first season to introduce you to a business consultant who inherits a farm full of problems after the death of his father.

Do you prefer a movie? So maybe what you need to do is get ready for some good laughs with back to schoola movie by Rebel Wilson and Zoë Chao to spend an entertaining time without more.

What to watch on HBO Max

This is all you can see this week on HBO Max.

Monday May 9

The documentary Victory Time: The Lakers Dynasty (VOSE) reaches its 10th episode. In addition, chapter 3 of The babythe 3 (of season 3) of Barry and new episodes of Real time with Bill Maher Y Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Tuesday May 10

On Tuesday you can enjoy new chapters of The city is our, Gentleman Jack Y A black lady sketch show.

Wednesday May 11

All the news are new chapters of series already in progress for Wednesday: All-American, All American: Homecoming, Naomi Y Three Busy Debras.

Thursday May 12

If you like nature documentaries, the docuseries wild romania (on the fauna and flora of the country) may interest you. You can also see a new chapter of Snowfall.

Friday May 13

On Friday you will not be able to get bored since a good number of chapters of series already underway arrive: The flight attendant, Tokyo Vice, one true singer, made for love, the informer, flash Y The Staircase.

You can also see the first two episodes of season 2 of Hacks.

Saturday May 14

The series Mayans MC Y legacies they also add chapters on Saturday.

Sunday May 15

Finally on Sunday you will be able to see a new chapter of charmed and discover a new series: conversations between friendsbased on the book by Sally Rooney.

New releases of the week on Amazon

All the premieres of the week are concentrated on a specific day, the may 13th, Friday. That day you can, for example, watch the new documentary of the singer Lola Índigo, a mass phenomenon among teenagers. The girl will try to show the one behind that figure, Mimi, “a woman determined to leave a mark since she was a child and who likes to face her career in a different way” according to her synopsis. She doesn’t look bad.

The second season of missing also arrives on Amazon Prime Video this Friday, along with the series The kids in the hall (from the famous Canadian comedy group) and the reality show Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls and the movies emma Y Fatima.

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