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Christmas is approaching, one of the times of the year, along with summer, in which users spend huge amounts of money to buy gifts, whether for themselves or for their family or friends. If we want to save a lot of money, we can look for specific offers or use Amazon’s cheap store. Amazon’s cheap store is Amazon Warehouse. Amazon Warehouse is the section of Amazon where products that have been returned by users are sold and where we can find fantastic offers of all kinds.

Whether we are looking for a printer, a hard drive, an iron, a vacuum cleaner, a tablet or smartphone, a smart speaker or any other product that is available on Amazon, in the Warehouse section we will surely find it cheaper. However, if we do not want to have problems with our purchases, we just have to follow a series of tips.

The first thing to keep in mind is that all the products that are available come from returns. These products have been checked by Amazon employees before being put up for sale and all include a short description of their condition, a description that is sometimes too vague on details. The second thing is to know the 4 states with which Amazon classifies the products:

  • like new: The packaging may have some damage and the item is in perfect condition.
  • Very good: Item used very little and works perfectly.
  • Okay: This presents some kind of aesthetic deterioration, but it works perfectly.
  • Acceptable: It shows obvious signs of having been used and the packaging is not original or is damaged.

Check product status

In the Amazon Refurbished section (Amazon Warehouse), each of the available products includes the condition of the product in the description. When the difference between the price of a new one and the refurbished one is small, it is because the product is in perfect condition, but the box has some other damage. When the price difference is higher, it is generally because the original packaging is not available and instead a standard cardboard packaging that does not correspond to the article is used.

make sure nothing is missing

We can also find some products in which the charging cable or some other accessory is missing. In electronic devices, it is common to find items that do not include the charging cable or spare parts that we can find if we buy a new product. Depending on which accessory is missing, it really is sometimes worth buying a refurbished product from Amazon instead of the new product.

Amazon warehouse

compare the price

Searching Amazon’s Refurbished section really pays off when it comes to expensive items like PCs, phones, tablets, small appliances, consoles, and more. If we are looking for a mobile phone case, if we are lucky enough to find it, it is most likely that the price difference between the new product and the refurbished product will be of just a few cents.

Can I return it?

All products available in Amazon Warehouse have the same conditions as new products, that is, they have the same warranty period and we can return them without any problem during the established period, which is usually 15 days, so if it does not work, it does not match the product description, we do not like it or if we have simply changed our mind, we can proceed to its return without questions.

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