These are the rumors and theories that could disembowel you Doctor Strange 2

Strange’s madness knows no bounds

What is certain is that Marvel has achieved the impossible. After the arrival of Disney+ and its series, the entire famous cinematic universe has been turned upside down on account of an element that has destroyed it: the multiverse. After seeing how it is unleashed in series like Loki or What if..., continuing with Spider-Man No Way Home and, to a lesser extent, in the celebrated Wandavisionnow it’s up to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness put some order, if that is possible at this point.

The fact is that the arrival of the second trailer has brought us some theories that are credible, seen the lines of dialogue that from Marvel they have seen fit to teach us, precisely, so that we turn our heads to all the potential paths that the plot could take. Remember that the existence in the film of various alter egos of both Strange himself and The Scarlet Witch, one of the main protagonists of this new path taken by the MCU, is already evident. And they are these:

Professor X and the Illuminati

There is almost general agreement that in the sequence where Strange is led into some kind of court the presence of Charles Xavier, the famous Professor X, is perceived of the X-Men. Originally played by Patrick Stewart, on this occasion he would act as the leader of the Illuminati, an organization in which only those beings with intelligence and genius superior to others would have a place, and not only from a specific planet or galaxy, but from the multiverse. whole. So a way is opened for the character played by Benedict Cumberbatch to join them all in his role as Sorcerer Supreme.

Top Ironman fighting The Scarlet Witch?

Tom Cruise’s top Ironman arrives

He barely appears on screen for a few moments fighting The Scarlet Witch but has caused such a stir that many take for granted that we will have the Ironman (top) of Tom Cruise in the second Doctor Strange film. After all, it would be a fun gesture on the part of Marvel to introduce a protagonist who could have been and was not, since after a first attempt because the Mission Impossible actor took over the role, in the end they gave it to Robert Downey Jr., who did not do so badly. We will be attentive to IMDB in case the name of the New Yorker is filtered among those who will appear on the screen from May 6.

Scarlet Witch walks the dark side

For the end we have left what seems the most surprising theory of all, the one that points to The Scarlet Witch as one of the villains from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. After all, there is no better way to hide something from us than to hide it in plain sight and a character that we have linked to the Avengers, how could she turn bad? The phrase heard in the trailer, in which Wanda speaks to the Sorcerer Supreme and tells him that “You break the rules and you are a hero; I do it and I am the enemy. It doesn’t seem fair to me,” they have sparked the idea that possibly one of Marvel’s most powerful characters could align with the bad guys. And that is not good news.

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