These are the Smart TVs that Samsung has for 2022

Samsung has already moved tab in this CES of 2022 showing its roadmap. The Koreans, as usual, have given some brushstrokes of their products a few hours before the fair, showing in general lines the products and technologies that we will see in your Smart TV during this new year. By way of teaser, Samsung has advanced us the technologies that will be present in its three main ranges of televisions. If expectations are finally met, we can assume that Samsung is going to give a lot of war in 2022, since there are many news that they have in their hands.

Last 2021, Samsung wanted to distinguish itself from its competition with its technologies MiniLED and MicroLED, designed especially to stand up to LG’s OLED products, which, for many, were still far from Samsung’s proposals even with the negative points that OLED technology itself has.

Well, this 2022, Samsung not only continues to bet on its two innovative technologies, but has worked on them to reinforce them.

Micro LED improves by leaps and bounds

samsung micro led ces 2022

Starting with the jewel in the crown, the new generation MicroLED technology is going to be presented at the moment on screens that do not fit in any room: 89, 101 and 110 inches. Its panels will be made up of 25 million micrometer-sized LEDs, each emitting light and color independently, achieving specifications that we had not seen to date.

Samsung’s new MicroLED panels promise a 20-bit color depth, a real outrage, offering a million steps in terms of contrast levels. The HDR experience, therefore, it will be something that we do not know to date.

In relation to color, these new televisions are capable of representing one hundred percent color ranges DCI and Adobe RGB. So combining all of this, we have a panel with unmatched contrast, exquisite color accuracy and HDR that promises to immerse us in an unrivaled multimedia experience. As if that were not enough, these screens have hardly any frame, representing the panel a 99.99% of the surface. Of course, we will have to wait if we want to bring this technology to our living room, since the sizes of the televisions in which this technology is going to be presented are not suitable for all audiences – or for all budgets.

samsung 2022 ces micro led

In addition to all this revolutionary technology, Samsung’s new proposals with MicroLED technology have three novelties:

  • Art Mode: with televisions so wide, realistic and without frames, the lucky ones who can get one of these screens will be able to turn their living rooms into authentic art galleries, whether they are paintings or photographs taken by professionals, which they will be able to view in great detail .
  • Multidimensional Sound: The screens will have different sets of speakers at different points on the screen, thus generating a feeling of surround sound thanks to the management of Dolby Atmos.
  • Multi View: these new screens will be able to be divided into 4 parts, and each one take a picture of one different font, such as four independent HDMI ports. Each fragment will support 4K resolution and a refresh rate of 120 Hz, which once again demonstrates the capabilities of these televisions.

Neo QLED is also not far behind

samsung neo qled 8k 2022.

Also in 2021, Samsung surprised us with the technology miniLED, more economical and oriented in a more sensible way to the general market. This technology was included in their QLED series televisions.

Again, Samsung seems to have done the job well, because the improved miniLED technology in just one year it is quite significant. Its backlight unit is its strong point, which has improved its brightness level. Neo QLED 2022 displays will go from 12 to 14 bit color depth, getting up to 4 times more contrast than its predecessor.

All that new power will be really well controlled through the technology that is integrated into these new panels of the South Korean brand:

New uses of Artificial Intelligence

The Integrated AI in these NEO QLED televisions it will be able to read the content that we are viewing through technology Shape Adaptive Light. This function will be able to control the Quantum Mini LEDs so that the shapes are rendered on the screen optimally. On the other hand, technology Real Depth Enhancer is an algorithm that promises to add a sense of realism separating figure and ground, generating a feeling of depth. Of course, this last function will have to be seen in person, since no matter how much they show us in photographs or video, we will not be able to notice the effect unless they put the television in front of us. In any case, it seems to be an interesting function as well as original and promising, something that undoubtedly requires the QLED range to stand out from its competition, which will also give a lot of war during this 2022 in the field of intelligence artificial.

New EyeComfort Mode

The different sensors distributed on the screens will serve to inform the system of the conditions in which we are consuming content. In this way, as a change in ambient light —Or let’s go from natural light to turning on the lights at home— the television will collect the data and offer us a adequate brightness and warmth so that the brightness does not bother our eyes, as well as so that we can enjoy the experience in the most optimal way possible. In the same way. EyeConfort will take care of adjust shades of blue as the night approaches. This will not only be good for our eyes, but it will also improve the quality of our sleep.

Sound level improvements

The QLED range will also receive multiple sound level improvements. Relying on artificial intelligence, these new televisions will be capable of orient the sound source monitoring from the point where the action begins to where the movement expands, reproducing a three-dimensional and realistic sound throughout our rooms. It is achieved by combining technology OTS Pro and Dolby Atmos.

Nor do they forget the Lifestyle range

new the frame 2022.

This peculiar range of Samsung televisions for lovers of personalization and art is also going to receive news this year:

  • The Frame gains new capabilities with a new matte panel and surface anti glare, which will also be resistant to fingerprints. It will be sold in sizes between 32 and 75 inches.
  • The Sero will also have a new matte panel, further improving this off-road screen that already caused talk last year.
  • The Serif It is the most atypical screen of all those that Samsung commercializes, and this year, it will receive a new body which will give the TV an even more premium look. You will also receive the matte finish and will be offered in sizes between 43 and 65 inches.

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