These are the sources that Thermaltake wants you to have in your future PC

The ATX 3.0 standard forces power supply manufacturers to update and release new products. So Thermaltake could not be left behind and has just presented its new sources TOUGH POWER ATX 3.0 in three different families and designed for three different types of users. First of all, the TOUGHPOWER GF3 GOLD ATX 3.0 designed for standard systems that require an ATX type source, then we would have the TOUGHPOWER SFX GOLD ATX 3.0 which would be the SFX font family. And to finish the TOUGHPOWER iRGB Plus for those who want to build a PC with the most powerful configuration of the moment.

The changes that the PC is undergoing in all hardware sections are going to lead to profound changes in all aspects. One of them being the power supplies. Since we not only have components with better performance, but also consume more. All this related to the ATX 3.0 standard. That is why we are seeing different manufacturers, they are joining the bandwagon and presenting their proposals. The last one is Thermaltake, which presents its three families of TOUGHPOWER fonts. Its price and availability? Both are yet to be announced. Although we shouldn’t be long in finding out. In any case, what do you think of the changes in power supplies and the fact that the average consumption of PCs will increase?


Thermaltake’s first range of ATX 3.0 compatible power supplies are a set of ATX type supplies ranging from 750W until the 1650Wpassed through models of 850W, 1200W Y 1350W. All of them, except the two most powerful, use a 135 mm diameter FDB fan, while the two top of the range use one of the same type but 140 mm. Unlike the other models, we do not know if they have the new 12+4-pin connector like the other two ranges that have been presented.


The second collection of ATX 3.0 PSUs that Thermaltake has introduced to us are those that are compatible with smaller form factors and thus are not designed for ATX powered cases. Not for that reason these fall short in terms of power, since we can find them in three different variants: 750W, 850W Y 1000W. In addition, it offers 80 PLUS Gold certification and a 12+4 pin PCI Express 5.0 connectors for the most powerful graphics cards.

Thermaltake Toughpower ATX 3.0

Thermaltake TOUGHPOWER iRGB PLUS ATX 3.0 Series

Lastly, we have the most powerful PSUs compatible with the ATX 3.0 standard to be released from Thermaltake. Under the name of TOUGHPOWER iRGB PLUS and with two different variants: 1250W Y 1650W. Its specifications are superior to the other two models and not only because of the fact that they have RGB lighting or their 140 mm fan that makes it quieter under the same power, but also because of the double connector PCI-Express 5.0 either 12VHPWR so it is a power supply ready for PCs with the most powerful graphics cards that NVIDIA and AMD launch in the future.

Thermaltake Toughpower ATX 3.0

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