these are the three best programs to download torrents

On most occasions, when downloading all kinds of Internet content, we do it directly from our browser. But we must take into consideration other faster and more effective methods, such as what happens with torrent content.

We are used to using the direct download via HTTPS that browsers offer us to download photos, documents or videos. We do this by simply accessing the corresponding web pages that these files present to us. But in the same way, on many occasions, it is more interesting to make use of those known as P2P and your torrent files.

Here, instead of using the usual browsers that we mentioned before, we use programs called clients developed for these tasks. These are applications that have not stopped growing and improving over time. How could it be otherwise, these clients offer all the necessary functions to download our Torrent files in the best way.

They are already configured so that we can start working with them from the first minute. At the same time we are presented with a series of customizable functions to speed up the uploading and downloading of content, or adapt its operation to our needs.

In fact, clients have been using them for several years to deal with these files. We could say that they are tools that have evolved to a great extent over time. Next, we will talk about today some of the best Torrent clients to download these files quickly.

Free clients to download torrent files

The first thing we should know is that we can use these programs completely freebut there are clients that have advertising included.

  • qBittorrent: First of all, we will talk about one of the most loved and used proposals to download Torrent files. It is a program with a multitude of configurable parameters and that offers us a very intuitive user interface. In addition, we can add that it has its own Search Engine integrated to locate this content that we are discussing without using the browser.
  • Transmission – One of the main defining characteristics of this client is that it is an open source project with a huge community behind it. In addition, it barely consumes team resources and has not stopped improving over the years. It should be noted that it allows us play multimedia content during the torrent download itself.
  • BitTorrent: this is one of the best-known Torrent clients and its developers are also responsible for its own bittorrent network What do they use. Among its functions we can find one to analyze the files before downloading them.

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