These are the virtual reality games that will come to Meta Quest 2

Names to get attention

The Oculus ecosystem has been, almost always, supported by the efforts of Facebook, that has sought collaborations with companies that have developed encouraged in some way by those of Mark Zuckerberg. And what I saw a few hours ago in the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase It is a clear example of that work that has been self-imposed from the social network to maintain its commitment to VR. Only from that perspective can such a varied bouquet of names with such famous licenses be understood.

Do you want to meet them? These are all the games featured for Meta Quest 2.

Ghostbusters VR

Needless to say too much. A multiplayer title, where we can join three other friends Ghostbusters to clean of ectoplasms and what is third complete scenarios. For him teaser unveiled looks very good and all the blessings of Sony, owner of the original franchise.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution

The success (according to Meta) of the first installment two years ago justifies that we continue enjoying the VR trip that we will have to do, now, heading to New Orleans. A new product derived from the success of The Walking Dead that will leave you breathless with the scares that you are going to take.


Own franchise that puts us in the shoes of an infiltrated agent in an underground facility where it seems that a mystery is brewing that we must solve. Shooting, a traditional development but that the same thing surprises us thanks to virtual reality.


What to say about this almost real approach to American football. Matches, leagues, trophies and all the realism that is capable of printing the VR to a title of these characteristics, which allows us to feel each play from the perspective of the inside of a player’s helmet. Will you be Tom Brady?

Among Us VR

More multiplayer for a title that rose to fame in a surprising way from iPhone and Android and to which you have surely played the odd game. Don’t you know who the killer of the game is? Be very careful not to stay alone.

Red Matter 2

This title focuses its development on the solving puzzles of increasing difficulty and that thanks to virtual reality, acquires a special emotion. You will travel to the very rings of Saturn.

exhale 2

Avoid the launch of a dangerous missile using all your infiltration weapons and fight where it is a continuation of the first exhale appeared three years ago.

Moss Book II

The second book of a game that has been surprising on other platforms for some time now has arrived. The little mouse in third person will continue looking for us to lend a hand within a world as magical as it is beautiful to enjoy from virtual reality glasses.

Ruins Magus

A game that takes you by the hand through a development that mixes RPG elements with a very careful narrative, in a fantastic world in which we must find some strange artifacts in an underground setting. A significantly different and more relaxed bet.

Cities VR

The management of the city practically becomes a divine work since, from an aerial perspective, we can transform the face of any city that we imagine Move entire buildings, knock them down and make the lives of their inhabitants as pleasant as possible.

Beat Saber – Electronic Mixtape

Action games with high doses of music have always been a very appreciated genre. Rez is an example, and this title for Meta Quest 2 is another example of it. End the threats that come to you from everywhere while you create melody and music to the beat of your sword blows.

Resident Evil 4 The Mercenaries

We are facing a remake focused on the VR aspect that not only respects the game’s original campaign from 2005but also adds extra challenges that we can only enjoy with the Quest 2. A classic among classics that becomes the fashion of a virtual reality that always offers a different point of view.

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