These are the weekend offers you have to know

Jabra Elite 65t

We started strong with these Jabra Bluetooth headphones. It is a wireless model with passive noise cancellation, four-microphone technology and a design that makes them quite comfortable on the ear. You have them on hand right now at their historical minimum price for only 55.99 euros.

Kingston DataTraveler SE9

How about getting a 32 GB pendrive for only 3.99 euros? That’s just what you have at your fingertips right now thanks to this silver-colored Kingston USB offer. With a very minimalist and elegant design, without a lid and with a metal casing.

ThermoPro TP53 thermometer

Do you need to control the ambient temperature and humidity somewhere? This digital equipment is perfect. It is a hygrometer that, as its name suggests, measures humidity, also showing you the high and low temperatures of the place where you install it. With a touch screen, it has a discounted price of 14.99 euros, to which you can also apply a 25% additional discount.

Blue Yeti Microphone

If you have decided to get into the world of podcasting or streaming, you should get yourself a good microphone such as this famous Yeti from Blue. The model is perfect for recording, broadcasting, gaming, and other similar activities. It uses a USB connector and is Plug’n Play being compatible with PC and Mac. In nice dark blue, you can save almost 50 euros on your purchase.

Ergonomic desk chair

Sitting for long hours is not good, but if you have no choice, at least make sure it is in an ergonomic chair that takes care of your back and your postural health. This one from mfavour gets rave reviews, with adjustable headrest and armrests, rocking function, and a backrest made of durable, breathable mesh fabric. Its maximum load is 150 kg and it has a price right now of 135.99 euros (your discount is 24%).

The waning spoon

If you want to read an entertaining book, check out “The Waning Spoon.” This title reviews the elements of the periodic table based on the role they have played in the history and lives of the people who discovered them, and the best thing about it, of course, is that it is now at only 1.42 euros. A great opportunity to discover a new proposal without spending a lot. Take advantage of.

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