These are the winners of the ADSLZone 2022 Awards

We have been impressed by this laptop developed by Dynabook for the professional segment, which integrates very good quality features. It makes use of 12th Gen Intel Core processors and Intel Xe graphics. It has a premium finish, has a fingerprint system to log in and a high quality finish. In addition, it is a very light laptop, something that will make it more comfortable to transport. These are just some of the factors that lead us to award this award.

Best processor of the year 2022: Intel Core i9-12900K

i9-12900K front

Intel’s Alder Lake-S architecture has brought major changes to the processor segment. They are the first iteration of a new type of processor design that combines two core types, offering more performance with reduced power consumption. The Core i9-12900K has been the spearhead of this new generation and is the one who wins the award for the best processor of the year.

Best Gaming Laptop of the Year 2022: Lenovo Legion 5i Pro Gen 7

Lenovo Legion 5i Pro Gen 7

Lenovo Legion 5 (and 7) laptops win this year’s best laptop award. These laptops are based on the latest generations of Intel Core and AMD Ryzen processors. They are accompanied by powerful NVIDIA RTX graphics cards that allow you to enjoy games with Ray Tracing. These laptops have an advanced high-performance cooling system. But the differential factor of the Lenovo Legion 5 is its excellent performance / price ratio.

Best Motherboard of the Year 2022: Asus ROG MAXIMUS Z690 EXTREME


ASUS motherboards are the best solutions on the market today. When we tested the new Intel Core Alder Lake-S, we were lucky enough to test the Asus ROG MAXIMUS Z690 EXTREME motherboard. A high-end solution that implements the latest technologies on the market. Undoubtedly the best solution on the market to create a gaming computer, due to its high quality of components and its design.

Best RAM of the Year 2022: CORSAIR Vengeance RGB DDR5


Intel’s Alder Lake-S processors offer us support for the new DDR5 RAM memory standard. Corsair allowed us to enjoy Vengeance RGB DDR5 memory, the best memory kit on the market. Its high-performance aluminum heatsink is combined with its proprietary RGB lighting system called Capellix. Without a doubt, the best DDR5 memories on the market.

Best gaming chair of the year 2022: Drift Rubius Premium

Drift rubius premium 75 gaming chair

There is currently a wide range of gaming chairs on the market, but none comparable to this one. The manufacturer Drift has collaborated with the streamer Rubius to create this high-quality gaming chair. It offers excellent ergonomics with a unique design and different from anything seen. It offers a high level of adjustment, being able to modify all its parameters.

Best heatsink of the year 2022: be quiet! SilentLoop 2


If you want your processor to work at an optical temperature, this is the best cooling you can use. Be quiet! Silent Loop 2 allows us to cool our processor correctly and with a level of noise compared to other heatsinks. It has a powerful pump for rapid water circulation and thus more efficiently dissipates the heat generated by the processor. All this leads us to give it the award for best heatsink of the year.

Best Gaming Peripheral of the Year 2022: Newskill Gungnyr Pro

Newskill Gunnyr Pro

Every year a large number of peripherals are released and among all these the Newskill Gungnyr Pro stands out. This high-quality mechanical keyboard stands out from the rest by including a wrist rest with peripheral RGB lighting. This keyboard uses Gateron Red mechanical switches, which are focused on the most demanding gamers. These are just some of the reasons that lead us to reward this keyboard.

Best gaming monitor of the year 2022: Samsung Odyssey Ark

Samsung Odyssey Ark

It is impossible to award the award for best monitor this year to another than the Samsung Odyssey Ark. We are talking about a huge 55-inch monitor with 4K resolution, a refresh rate of 165 Hz and a 1000R curvature. This monitor uses Samsung’s own Quantum Mini-LED panels that will allow us to enjoy an enormous image quality in games. In addition, it offers us, among others, support for G-Sync Ultimate and HDR10 + technologies. Impossible to give the award for best monitor to another.

Best graphics card of the year 2022: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti

nvidia rtx 3090 ti

It is currently the most powerful graphics card on the market, awaiting the arrival of the new NVIDIA RTX 40 Series. We are talking about a huge graphics card designed to play in 8K resolutions. Capable of moving the most demanding game in 4K resolution above 60 FPS with Ray Tracing technology active. A true brutality of graphics cards that deserves this award, without a doubt.

Best Social Media Strategy 2022: Ministry of Health

During the last two years we have suffered one of the worst crises in terms of safety and health. The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has forced us to drastically modify our routines and reinvent ourselves. A very complicated period that the Ministry of Health has managed in an exemplary manner. An award collected by the Minister of Health, Begoña Villacis.

The role of the social networks of the Ministry of Health during this time has been very prominent. It has been the main source of information on health and safety, and the one that offered the greatest reliability. Something fundamental, especially when it comes to denying hoaxes and incorrect information that circulated during the pandemic. For all this and much more they deserve this small and humble recognition.

Best Artificial Intelligence initiative 2022: Community of Madrid

One of the most emerging technologies and sectors today is Artificial Intelligence. This field, which moves hundreds of millions annually, has an enormous projection. The Community of Madrid has promoted the creation of a unique technological hub in Spain and one of the most cutting-edge in the European Community.

The Artificial Intelligence technological hub created through the Leganés Cluster is positioned as one of the most important and influential worldwide. The bet is more than necessary, since new technologies and especially Artificial Intelligence are already present.

Best Innovative Initiative 2022: Madrid City Council

Without a doubt, Madrid is the benchmark for Spain, not only because it is the country’s capital, but also because of the technological and business commitment it makes. From the City Council they have promoted the development of a Madrid with an innovative, technological and business spirit.

Something that makes Madrid City Council worthy of this award is its firm commitment to new technologies. It has sought to train young people in new technologies and attract companies from the innovation and technology sector to the capital. A support and a unique vision in the technological field that make it worthy of this award

Rest of ADSLZone Group awards

Here we only leave you a small number of all the awards that we have delivered tonight. You can see in this list those awarded by HardZone, but on the pages of ADSLZone, MovilZona and RedesZone the rest of the awards we have given.

These awards, which we have been giving to companies, institutions and personalities in the sector for years, simply recognize the great work of a part of the sector. It is not easy to choose the winners, there are many others who also deserve recognition, but it is not possible to give them all an award.

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