These are TSMC’s plans to build its most advanced chip factory in Japan

TSMC has confirmed that is going to build a semi-specialized chip factory in Japan, with which it wants to cover the needs of its clients in the country, as well as to alleviate the crisis that exists in various sectors, such as the automobile and technology, due to the shortage of chips. The facilities will be the most advanced in the industry in the country to date, and may even be the largest. They will focus on mature and specialized manufacturing technologies used to make chips with long life cycles, and intended for automobile manufacturers and the consumer electronics industry.

If all goes according to the company’s plans, according to AnandTech, construction will begin in 2022, and will be fully operational by the end of 2024. It will handle 300-millimeter wafer processing using various specialty and mature nodes, including several 28-nanometer technologies, as well as a 22ULP process for ultra-low power devices. As we mentioned a few days ago, it will be founded by the company, but in collaboration with Sony. In addition, it has an agreement with the Japanese government for its opening and start-up.

These nodes are not used to manufacture state-of-the-art SoCs and ASICs, but are used by the automotive and consumer electronics sectors. They are expected to continue to use them for several more years, and not only for existing chips, but also for various future solutions.

Little else is still known about this factory, apart from the fact that TSMC has revealed that it will be specialized, and that it has obtained support from customers and the Japanese government. It has further confirmed that the cost of these semiconductor production facilities is not included in its investment plans of $ 100 billion for the next three years. Of course, it has not disclosed its costs. In any case, the construction of this plant is not the only plan that TSMC has in Japan, since it is also building a Research and Development center in the country, and has agreements with the University of Tokyo on various issues, which indicates that its presence in the country is growing for the future.

CC Wei, CEO of TSMC, has confirmed in a meeting with investors and financial analysts that they will build the plant «as long as it is approved by our board of directors. We have received a strong commitment to support this support from both our clients and the Japanese government. This plant will use technology from 20 to 28 nanometers to manufacture semiconductor wafers ». He has also assured that they will give more details of the facilities when the board approves the project.

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