These Astro headphones can be yours for 16 euros (reconditioned)

Gaming headphones at a laugh price

Refurbished Astro A10

If you are looking for a headset with a microphone to play comfortably on your console and you do not mind that they are wired, this proposal from ASTRO Gaming It is possibly the best you will find today, since they are very well padded models with a folding microphone compatible with all consoles on the market, since it uses the classic 3.5 mm connector to carry audio and sound microphone.

The model that is currently in reconditioned condition with the price of 16.75 euros is the version in black and contrasts in blue, a model that currently costs 49.99 euros, but that you can get for the ridiculous price of 16.75 euros If you don’t mind receiving it with the broken box, or in the worst case, without the original box.

Astro A10 features

Astro A10

These headphones have 40-millimeter neodymium magnet drivers, while their unidirectional microphone is 6 millimeters. They weigh 346 grams (without the cable), and although they already appear as discontinued on the official website, they are still a great solution to enjoy personal audio and microphone for multiplayer games on any console. For that price, we cannot think of another gaming headset that can offer you that quality and that finish in the design.

Are reconditioned products recommended?


We’ve already talked a lot about Amazon Refurbished Products. The website includes a brief description of the physical appearance of the products on offer, describing whether they have aesthetic problems or if they have any broken or missing parts. In the vast majority of cases, the general summary describes the product “as new”, so they are usually quick returns from users who have not been satisfied with the appearance or functionalities of the product.

In that case, they are magnificent opportunities to get products that under normal conditions have somewhat higher prices, as is the case with these headphones, they already drop from 50 to 16 euros, which is a discount of almost 70%.

They have a guarantee?

Refurbished products come with Amazon’s always-on guarantee, so you can return them without problems at the time you want as long as you do it in the time established by the store. If after receiving them, their final status does not convince you, you can return them without problems by completing the classic Amazon return process. Thus, you can buy these types of products with complete peace of mind, and although their description is usually quite accurate, it is normal that you have serious doubts when purchasing one product or another. Especially those that require a significant outlay, and not something like these 16 euro headphones.

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