These Bang & Olufsen Xbox headsets drop to an outrageous low: 52% offer

Looking for some nice, high-performance headphones that don’t break the bank? Take a look at these Bang & Olufsen. What, how? Cheap B&O? Yeah, we haven’t gone crazy. It turns out that the elitist brand right now has an attractive model on the Amazon platform discounted to such an extent that you can get it at half price -and if you’re looking for them in black, even with a higher discount of 52%. Keep reading that we give you all the data.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Portal

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Portal

You may not know it, but Bang & Olufsen has headphones in its catalog specially designed for gaming. Yes, it is true that they do not usually meet the “requirements” of this type of equipment (more aggressive and striking design, attached microphone…), but if what you are looking for is precisely a solution to play that at the same time maintains an elegant and a certain premium and more serious air, then the Beoplay Portal are the ideal headphones for you.

With Active Noise CancellationCapable of eliminating all unwanted background noise so that you can fully concentrate on what you hear, these Portals are designed for the gaming world, specifically being compatible with two platforms: Xbox and compatible devices via Bluetooth.

They are headphones that have the Xbox official certificationsince they offer 2.4GHz wireless connection, the same one used by the official Xbox controls. In this way, we can turn on the console when turning on the headphones, so it will be something like very high-end official headphones with the Microsoft seal. Among its features, it includes specialized functions such as a lossless connection for Xbox and fast, intuitive controls with which you can execute actions quickly.

quality in your ears

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Portal

Are Dolby Atmos compatible, and its four integrated microphones will take care of canceling noise so you can play quietly without outside distractions. They are especially comfortable, and the build quality is superb. Available in several colors (the blue model is especially elegant), the black version is the one with the biggest discount, even surpassing the sale of last Black Friday.

In addition, thanks to the official application we can apply equalizer adjustments by selecting the predefined sound modes, adjust the transparency mode and configure the shortcuts of the gestures that you can activate in the middle of the game, being able to mute the sound or adjust the balance between chat and game sound.

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