These beautiful backgrounds are from Microsoft, but they are not in your Windows

Computer wallpaper is a very personal thing. This is one of the first settings that we usually change to adapt the desktop to our liking. Although we can use the photo we want, Windows comes by default with a series of backgrounds that we can all use, one of them always being the iconic and representative one for the operating system. However, Microsoft has many more wallpapers than we can find on our PC. For example, the wallpapers that are included in your system Windows 365.

A year ago, Microsoft announced a new operating system as a service called Windows 365. This new Windows was nothing more than a virtual computer, which runs a special version of the operating system in the cloud, so that users can always have all their data and settings at hand. This service is paid, by subscription, and is designed primarily for companies.

But, as usual, even if we are not going to use it, we would like to be able to have the wallpapers of this system to use on our PC. And that’s how easy we can do it.

Download the 23 exclusive Windows 365 backgrounds

Initially it was expected that the new Windows 365 would use the same wallpapers, or with slight variations, to those already seen in Windows 10 and Windows 11. And this is how it appears on the desktop thumbnail when we are going to hire it. In the case of Windows 10, for example, we find the classic background of this OS with a more violet tone, while in the edition with Windows 11 we find the 3D with a much more bluish color combination.

Windows 365 Backgrounds - 2

However, although we can find these, and others, backgrounds inspired by the Windows 10 and Windows 11 classics, we can also find other exclusive wallpapers that really look great on all types of computers.

In the previous link we can find a gallery with all the wallpapers that we can find in all versions of Windows 365. Some of these backgrounds are modified versions of the classic Windows 11 3D background, but we can also find other cube backgrounds, or towers, which simulate computing.

Windows 365 Backgrounds - 1

All these backgrounds have a 4K resolution, and we can download them completely free of charge from the website that we have indicated. In this way we can use them on our computer without having to pay any fee or subscription to Windows 365, a system that, although attractive, is clearly not for everyone.

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