These categories are useful for finding formulas in Excel

On many occasions we use the program that is part of the office-suite from Microsoft, to perform simple calculations. But in other cases this is a program that is also used to generate large spreadsheets that, for example, form part of the accounting of a company. Obviously, for all this, complex formulas and functions are used that the application proposes to make these tasks easier for us. That is precisely one of the main objectives proposed by this powerful program.

Hence, Excel can be considered an excellent software solution for both the end user and the company. The software giant is fully aware of all this, hence everything that it proposes here to try make our work easier with the app. In this case we want to focus on the formulas that we find in the program and from which we can benefit at any time. These help us, in one way or another, to operate efficiently with all the data that we are entering.

Most of you know the most basic formulas for adding, subtracting, compute logarithms, etc. But it is also interesting to know that, for certain more advanced tasks, we have a good number of formulas of all kinds. How could it be otherwise, Microsoft is fully aware of the confusion that can be generated with the large number of these elements that it offers us.

Find formulas faster in Excel thanks to its categories

That is why in the application interface itself we find a series of categories that will be extremely useful for these calculation tasks. In addition, it may be the case that, on certain occasions or ways of using Excel, we look for somewhat specific formulas. Thus, the program tries to make things easy for us, as we are going to show you below.

We tell you all this because in the main interface of the application as such we find a section called Formulas.

excel formulas

By clicking on this interface option, instead of directly finding certain formulas, we will see the categories of these most common. This allows us to more quickly and smoothly locate those functions that we need. For example, we initially find sets of formulas related to text, Date and Timelogics, math and trigonometric. Therefore, we only have to place ourselves on each of these categories to open the drop-down list to find the related formulas.

But that’s not all, we also recommend you click on More features. At this moment, other less common categories will appear on the screen, but equally very useful for some. Among these we find the statisticsrelated to the engineeringthe information or the mode of use for the Web.

other excel functions

It is also interesting to know at this point that, if we place ourselves on each of the indicated formulas, the program offers us a brief description so that we can get an idea of ​​its operation and usefulness.

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