These earbuds clean themselves, but they won’t remove what you hate most about your ears

Admit it, you also have a thing for sharing in-ear headphones. You’re not alone. They are very small devices that enter each other’s very intimate areas (we don’t know what tone you are reading this with, but ok), and there is nothing worse than leaving someone a pair of headphones or looking at someone else’s and seeing that they are dirty. Well, there is someone who has thought of you, although not to the level you would expect.

They clean, but not that much

The professional sound brand Audio-Technica has presented the new True Wireless ATH-TWX9some very complete True-Wireless in-ear headphone models that include noise cancellation, 360 Reality Audio technology and hear-through transparency modes, but if there is something that particularly draws attention to these models, it is their ray sterilization system UV.

That’s right, these headphones clean themselves, but unfortunately the cleaning is limited to eliminating surface bacteria and viruses (which is not little), but not a thorough cleaning that leaves no trace of earwax debris that usually accumulates in this type of headphones.

It is important to emphasize that this type of cleaning is done with the help of ultraviolet LEDs that count 99% effective against E.coli and bacteriophage viruses, but at no time has it been shown that it can against Coronavirus, for example. Neither this system nor the rest of the UV sterilizers that exist on the market.

Clean, but also great sounding


In any case, it is easy to understand that this function is just another adornment in the team’s excellent cover letter. Their design looks quite careful and of great qualityand the sound quality comes under the signature of the brand itself, which with endless experience guarantees excellent performance with its 5.8-millimeter transducers with a high-frequency range.

Among other functions we will find the ability to pair the headphones to two Bluetooth devices at the same time with multipoint pairing, low latency mode, ambient control to eliminate noise (with five preset modes that are selected with a touch control) or listen to the environment around you.

In short, we are dealing with high-end models that have practically everything that can be asked of True-Wireless headphones at this time, and also include the peculiar extra of its box with an integrated sterilization system, which It is still a plus that more than one would like to have.

The price of these Audio-Technica ATH-TWX9 is €319and can be purchased right now through the manufacturer’s official website, or from Amazon, since the imported product is currently available from the United Kingdom for practically the same price as the official one.

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