These flying microchips will be the terror of the conspiranoids

The smallest flying chips that exist

If you have an acquaintance, be it a family member or friend, who is a denier or builds up their own crazy theories about chips that governments would introduce into the population through vaccines, etc., you better not tell them about this. However, if you like technological advances, challenges and improvement in this entire field of science and research, go ahead.

These chips what are you seeing are the smallest with the ability to fly that for the moment have been created. Yes, they are designed to launch and allow them to stay in the air for as long as possible to carry out different measurement and information capture tasks. This information would then be analyzed by scientists to learn about aspects such as air pollution, the existence of possible diseases transmitted by aerosols, etc.

A design based on nature

The design of these little flying chips is inspired by nature itself. To be more exact, in the case of some seeds that are shaped like small propellers, they are able to stay longer in the air through their rotation.

Thus, between the miniscule size, the negligible weight and that design that would take advantage of air currents as well as its own aerodynamics to spend more time “flying” is how these chips were created, which later saw their size miniaturized to the maximum allowed by technology in the present.

How they transmit the information

Here comes the most surprising considering the size of these little chips. For the transmission of all the information that they are capable of capturing is the operation as a swarm.

That is to say, each chip has its own power source with which to feed the other components that will allow it to capture and transmit the information from one to another until it reaches the main node where it would be collected.

That is, when thousands of these flying microchips were launched, the captured information would pass from one to the other until it reached the point where the researchers would be. They would save it and thus they could work on their analysis later.

A solution against pollution or more pollution?

Launching thousands or millions of flying microchips like these could be a bit of a contradiction. Because if it is done in order to see air pollution, wouldn’t it be polluting more by spreading electronic devices like these?

The answer is no, because they have been and would create with elements that would be easily biodegradable. That is, with the passage of time and contact with the environment itself, it would eventually decompose them and stop being a problem.

The Terror of Deniers and Paranoids

At the moment these flying chips are just a research project that is being worked on. Their managers hope to be able to add improvements and specific functions to them, but always making good use of their capabilities.

However, like any other technology, how it ends up being used is something that will depend more on the human being than on anything else. It is true that the idea is to always put them to good use, and for many theories that some denier or paranoid users might create, they would not be valid. But that does not mean that they are the terror of these and what they needed to unleash their imagination.

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