These grandparents have an eSports team and play Fortnite

Video games as entertainment

Matagi Snipers

The idea of ​​this eSports team is not much less than that of winning big championships. The Matagi Snipers It only seeks to entertain older people with the intention of improving cognitive development and, incidentally, agreeing with their grandchildren on many issues of the moment.

It is the case of Eba, one of the members who at 67 years old felt that video games have helped him to prevent cognitive deterioration, since they forced him to actively move his hands and eyes, in addition to having to talk to the team continuously by voice chat. All of these actions allow you to stay on your toes, and feel more active in general, for which the benefits of playing have turned out to be quite a lot.

A very senior team

Although 21 applicants were presented in the selection period, in the end, the team is made up only of 8 players, and all have sponsored equipment and apparel. We have already said that the important thing about this team is to encourage the distraction of its components, but that does not mean they will give up tournaments. In Japan there are several dedicated facilities for senior players, so the presence of video games in society has tremendous weight with examples like this, decisions that obviously seek that intention.

And it is something very intelligent to the point of anticipating the future, since how old will those who currently work as professional players have? Will they ever stop wanting to play? Probably not. For this reason, this type of equipment could be used to start creating something for the near future. Where do you have to sign to withdraw in this way?

Video games as a form of retirement

The idea seems fantastic to us. As they point out in Kotaku. Last year, ISK eSports, an esports facility focused exclusively on people over sixty years old and with the intention of introducing video games to those completely inexperienced, was inaugurated in Kobe. The Matagi Snipers team will start broadcasting live from October, so we have no doubt that they will become a true internet sensation that will go around the world. What if you invite one of your grandparents to try out Fortnite or Warzone? Surely you would also monopolize some other reproduction on YouTube and Twitch.

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