These hard drives on sale are what you are looking for to make a backup

Toshiba DTB420 2TB

The first of the solutions that we offer is designed for those who want to keep personal information, such as photos, videos and documents, and take them with them. This unit of Toshiba it’s about most basic that we can find and is designed to offer excellent value for money.

This Toshiba drive is based on a 2.5 inch mechanical hard drive with a capacity of 2TB. Due to its characteristics, we can already see that it is not a storage unit designed for high transfer speeds. What it does offer us is a huge storage capacity, leaving space for a huge number of files.

This storage unit has a USB Micro-B connector, quite common on external hard drives. It should be noted that this unit is based on the USB 3.2 Gen1 standard, guaranteeing good transfer performance. we can have between 80-100 MB/s for reading and writing to the drive.

Basic solution to transport files or simply make a backup copy of important documents.

Toshiba DTB420 2TB

We are now going with an external hard drive but that offers greater performance by design. This unit of SanDisk is characterized by actually a pocket SSD. By being based on a solid state storage drive, we can get greatly improved transfer speeds.

Its greatest strength is this unit of SanDisk being based on an SSDwhich enables read speeds up to 520MB/s and write speeds approaching 500 MB/s. This unit offers us a maximum capacity of 1TB, which is excellent. Undoubtedly, a great solution for professionals who work with large files or need to access data quickly.

Being based on an SSD gives this drive significant advantages over other drives. The first and most obvious, a greater shock, vibration and drop resistance than mechanical discs, as they lack moving parts. In addition, it is a more compact and lighter unit.

Very good option for professionals who work with large files, such as RAW format photographs.

SanDisk Portable 1TB

Western Digital My Cloud Home 4TB

Finally, we offer you a solution designed to create a home cloud service where you can store the most important data you have. Western Digital offers us a solution designed for connect it directly to the router and thus create a local cloud. We will be able to access the files from any device on the network and make backup copies of the photos and/or videos that we have on the smartphone.

Relying on third party private clouds is not always the best possible idea. Google recently limited the space it offers us in its Photos service, having to pay if we want more space. Also, all the files we upload are no longer our property and they can use them for whatever they want.

WD offers us a hard drive that acts like a NAS and that offers us a 4TB capacity. We are talking about an enormous capacity to save any important file that we have and make all kinds of backup copies. Setup is very easy and WD offers its app for Android and iOSwhich allows us to transfer files with great comfort and simplicity.

Without a doubt, it is a great (and cheap) solution to create a cloud at home that everyone in the house can use.

Western Digital My Cloud Home 4TB

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