These iPad booths change the user experience completely

Functionality and design

Placing the iPad on a desk to work more comfortably, especially using an external keyboard and mouse, is something you can do in a thousand different ways. And yes, on many occasions you will not need to make a large investment because you can find very simple supports that perfectly fulfill the task of keeping it in an elevated position.

Of course, it is not the same to use basic supports as others where not only the design is taken care of, but also the functionality and other details that can even expand the possibilities and improve comfort when we use it at our work desk, whether at home or in the office.

For this reason, we have compiled what are currently the best supports for iPad for us. A set of accessories that if you have decided to bet on the Apple tablet as the main device or essential accessory for your daily work, you will surely like them.

HoverBar Duo by Twelve South

The Twelve South proposal has long ceased to be one of the most attractive, but that has not prevented it from remaining one of the most versatile that exist today. Because the HoverBar Duo Not only does it allow you to place the iPad at the height and position you want when you are using it on a desk or surface, it also has the option of anchoring it to a shelf, piece of furniture, etc., thanks to its second grip and that earns it points for when using it in other locations such as the kitchen.

It is undoubtedly a very interesting option to comfortably use the iPad at any time no matter what model it is, because it is compatible with both the Pro range and those that do not belong to it thanks to that clamp that adapts to the width of each one.

MagEZ Stand by Pitaka

This Pitaka stand for iPad, the MagEZ Stand, It could be described as a redesign or adaptation of the support included in the iMac. Because basically it is very similar and allows, thanks to a system of magnets, to hold the iPad comfortably when you want to work with it as if it were a desktop computer with a keyboard and mouse or trackpad.

In addition, the part that holds the iPad allows you to rotate to use the tablet vertically or horizontally as we are interested in each moment. And if all this seems little to you, the base of the stand integrates a wireless charging base with a power of 15W that will allow you to charge mobile devices such as the iPhone or any other Android phone or headphones with charging cases compatible with the Qi standard.

The price of this stand is the same as that of Twelve South, 89 dollars. The only drawback is that at the moment it is only available on the manufacturer’s website and not in online stores such as Amazon.

Kensington StudioDock

In the same way as the previous one, the Kensington StudioDock it’s like taking the $ 999 foot off the Apple Pro DisplayXDR. Of course, this time it will not cost you as much, or almost. Because it is one of the supports with the highest cost: around 300-350 euros depending on the 12.9 or 11-inch version.

This detail of having two versions depending on the size of the device is the least convincing. Because if this year you have the 11-inch model and the next one you want to change to the 12.9-inch, it would not be worth it. For the rest, it is true that the base with two wireless charging zones and the integrated USB C HUB provide extra versatility for a more professional use.


Now imagine a stand that mixes details of the Pitaka proposal and this latest Studio Dock. Well, the result would be MagFlöt, a very attractive stand at the design level that provides the advantage and convenience of having an iPad holding system through magnets.

Thus, along with the option of being able to rotate the iPad to use vertically or horizontally, this stand is minimalist, elegant and very attractive. Of course, it is nothing more than a stand without any type of USB HUB or anything similar, but for those looking for something aesthetic and simple it may be ideal.

Regarding the price, for now it is available through Kickstarter, with what this implies, and the price is about 85 euros To the change. The downside, again, is that while it offers two different colors, it also offers two different sizes depending on whether it’s going to be used with the 12.9-inch or 11-inch iPad Pro.

Satechi Stand & Dock

Finally, although it is not a stand similar to the previous proposals, it does have something that makes it interesting: its portability. And it is because of how the Satechi Stand & Dock It is very comfortable to always carry around to improve both usability and connections, because it also includes a dock with different connections.

Improve iPad usability

As you can see, these stands or stands for iPad allow you to use the Apple tablet in a more conventional way, so to speak. So if you want to take advantage of options such as the use of an external keyboard and mouse, in addition to achieving a more comfortable height of the screen with respect to your eyes, these stands are a great option.

It is true that they are proposals with a somewhat high price if the use is punctual, but if it is not, in the long run they are easy to amortize.

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