These iPhones drop in price: so are their new sales

Buying an iPhone is always an important decision, since their prices are not exactly low regardless of whether you can justify them more or less. Therefore, finding them at a discount is always a great incentive and this time we find several models that are with discounts on Amazon.

And it must be said that buying these devices in this store has many benefits. The discount they offer and which we will talk about later is one of them, but also that it is Apple itself that makes them available to Amazon and therefore they are totally new and original. All this with a 2 years warranty which is covered by Apple during the first and by Amazon during the second.

IPhones that are currently discounted

We start with the most recent, the iPhone 13. Not that it has great discounts, but in the capacity of 256 GB they can be found discounts of 40 euros in some of its colors. If this is your choice of iPhone, with that capacity you will be more than enough and it is a saving that without being very prominent, it is the least interesting.

If we go to devices of previous generations, we see that the iPhone 12 mini includes discounts on all capacities. Of 50 and 40 euros in those of 64 and 128 GB respectively. However, it is in the 256 GB one in which we see a discount of 100 euros, specifically in the red version, finding others of 60 euros in the other colors.

all iphone 12 mini

Somewhat lower are the discounts of the iPhone 12. The 6.1-inch model of the last generation has only discounts of 30 and 40 eurosin some of its colors in the capacity of 256 GB. As we already said for the ’13’, it is not that they are very high, but if you were already decided by any of them you can take it into account.

iphone 12 water resistance

And we close with him iPhone SE, the cheapest Apple phone that part of 459 euros at Amazon, 30 euros less than at Apple. A phone aimed at the less demanding public and at a price that, although it may still seem high, is the most affordable for those who want to enter the Apple ecosystem with iOS.

iPhone SE 2020

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