these Kodi add-ons bring me hundreds of series and movies

There are certain video streaming platforms, such as the case with Netflix, which are undergoing several important changes related to their cost, content and operation. Hence, a good number of users are not convinced by all this and are canceling their subscriptions.

When choosing a particular platform to enjoy via streaming From our favorite movies, documentaries and series, we are spoiled for choice. A large part of the current online services that offer us this video content are paid, which is why we have to pay a monthly or annual subscription. But of course, as expected, we have the possibility of canceling that subscription whenever.

It is more than likely that many of you already know first-hand that Netflix is ​​putting many obstacles when it comes to sharing an account. Therefore, and if we add the subscription prices to this, many are deciding to unsubscribe from the online video service. In the event that you are one of them and you are not subscribed to any other platform with these characteristics, we will try to help you.

For this we can use what could be considered as the multimedia center par excellence for years, kodiand some of his complements or add-ons. You can download these from the media player’s own repository, and logically they are completely legal and free.

Cinema.AR Play

In the event that you are looking for all kinds of movies and documentaries without having to pay the corresponding subscription that we paid on Netflix, this is a more than adequate add-on. Here we find a free channel that offers us all kinds of content via streaming in which we can enjoy both filmssuch as series and documentaries.


As in the aforementioned case, here we are going to find a good number of movies and series to enjoy directly from the Kodi multimedia center. This is a plugin that we find in the program’s repository and that gives us direct access to a multitude of video content.


Here you will find a channel of all kinds of content in which news and documentaries stand out so that you can enjoy them directly from the Kodi program. In addition, content from a wide diversity of themes in order to be able to find programs of all kinds, and also in a free.

Documentary Heaven

As its name suggests, if we choose to install this add-on in the multimedia center, we will have access to a multitude of documentaries. Therefore, lovers of this type of digital video content here will find a good source of titles referring to all kinds of genres and categories.

documentaries kodi

art +7

It may also be the case that we are followers of everything related to current art and we are interested in this type of video content. For this we can use this interesting complement for the multimedia center. You will only have to install it from the Kodi repository and put it into operation.

digital channel

In case you are interested in accessing multimedia content in the form of videos of foreign channels, this is a more than adequate solution. Here the multimedia center offers us an add-on through which you will have direct access to a multitude of television channels from various countries to watch all kinds of content, including movies and series. It is enough that you move through the available options to find what you are interested in seeing at that moment.

kodi addons

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