These modular headphones allow you to create ones to your liking

If you thought that in the case of headphones you were limited to what a company offers and that’s it, Aiaiai wants you to think about it with your TMA-2 line.

At first glance, they look like wired headphones and the traditional headband design. However, when buying them, you can configure these headphones to your liking and make them yours.

And we’re not just talking about design, but about also benefits, because you can choose the ideal components that best suit the specific objective you want.

What you can set on Aiaiai TMA-2 Modular Headphones

Repairable and upgradeable headphones

Although in their online store you can buy their preconfigured designs, such as the models Studio, DJ, Move, etc, (each one specialized in a different use), what is innovative is that on its website you can build the perfect headset to your liking, depending on what you need.

For that, you can choose:

  • the diaphragm. Among several types, each one suitable for one thing, depending on whether you want the maximum reduction of distortions, optimize high or medium frequencies, etc.
  • The headphone pad. Depending on whether you want maximum isolation, to enhance certain sounds…
  • Diadem. Where you can choose between several different materials: leather, nylon, microfiber… Thus, it will depend on whether what you need is comfort during long work sessions or whether it resists a long time or cleans without complications.
  • The connection cable. Both in colors, as in design (normal, screwed…) and in features, with in-line microphone included or not, depending on your need.

Combining all that, you can create a unique headset, both in appearance, and in optimized features that you need.

But the thing is, the advantage of them being like this doesn’t end in being able to build whatever you want, but rather in something almost more important.

The possibility of repairing the headphones and the reduction of waste

respectful materials

The company’s philosophy of sustainability ensures that all materials and components used to make the headphones are specifically chosen to be environmentally friendly and the products can be easily renewed or repaired by the end user.

This means that you can not only buy and easily replace the part that breaks, in case you cannot repair it. It also means that you can update it with new elements as technologies appear or more modern materials.

Furthermore, this also connects with another important thing, reduce waste.

You know what happens with today’s technology, that if something breaks, you throw it all away and buy a new thing. This causes huge amounts of technological waste (what is often called e-waste) and higher profits for companies. They don’t have to keep stocks of old parts and they always get the benefit of the new purchase, since you do not go to a repair shop.

That is why it is not convenient for them to repair, for money, even at the cost of drowning us in garbage.

The truth is that it is a breath of fresh air, now that the right to repair is on everyone’s lips, in addition to the fact that it is the dream of a music lover to be able to build exactly the headphones you want, and how you want.

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