These news will arrive soon at Epic Games to stand up to Steam

These stores that we refer to offer us a huge number of titles that we can quickly buy, download, install and run in a matter of minutes. At the same time the clients of these platforms They offer us some interesting functions to improve the experience when playing on our computers. In these lines we want to focus on the aforementioned proposal, Epic Games, which works to reach and stand up to the undisputed leader in the sector, Steam.

For this, its developers do not stop updating and improving the platform client and thus offer your users everything they need. In fact, in these same lines we are going to talk about some interesting news coming soon. In this way, what is intended is to increase the portfolio of regular customers of the game store, while competing head to head with Valve’s Steam.

Let’s see what are those functions that are about to reach the client of Epic Games and that at the moment they are in full testing phase.

Features Coming to the Epic Games Client

Let’s not forget that these features that we are going to talk about next have not yet been implemented in the final version of the client. But Epic Games is expected to gradually integrate them for the enjoyment of all its users.

  • Ratings: This functionality allows users to leave a rating in the form of stars after your gaming session at Epic Games. All this will be done randomly.
  • surveys: Work is also being done on a user labeling system fed by a series of surveys. The regulars of the platform will have to respond after the game sessions and qualify them by this means of questions.
  • Hidden files: A function is also being prepared with which we can hide certain statistics related to our games here.
  • notification center– We will see a new centralized location for all notifications and requests from Epic Games. All in order to offer users a better message management.
  • Favorites and collections– This feature allows users to organize their games and apps into customizable collections. This makes it easier to access those contents and improves your search. We can make use of custom names and a Favorites folder to prioritize certain titles in the client.
  • Profiles– The My Achievements section will be expanded to be more useful in managing the profile as a whole. In addition, custom avatars can be used for that own profile. With all this, what is intended is that Epic Games regulars can manage everything related to their account from a single location.
  • Better control of game updates: Intended to make it easier to purchase updates to library titles and apply existing offerings.

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