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Tempest K20 Beast

We have seen a great evolution in recent years in keyboards, with different types of solutions and features. An example would be this Tempest keyboardthat is of format 60%, removing keys you may not want. This is great, as its extremely compact design saves a lot of space in the work area.

It is not the only remarkable thing about this keyboard and it is that it has blue mechanical switches, as indicated by the manufacturer. It is the only thing that is indicated, but we assume that they will be OUTEMU or some similar manufacturer. They are a fairly universal type of switch, which works well for gaming and typing. Dispose of RGB lighting Adjustable with nine preset modes.

This keyboard can be used wired or wireless, since it makes use of Bluetooth technology. It has a USB-C port for charging and to connect it when we have run out of battery.

Unfortunately we have been unable to find autonomy time dataSo I wouldn’t recommend it. We believe that it is a fundamental piece of information that the manufacturer should provide.

Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT

We now go with a full profile keyboard from one of the most prominent manufacturers of this type of peripheral. Corsair is a very reputable brand, with a huge number of solutions that suit all tastes and pockets. A very interesting aspect of this keyboard is that it is larger than normal, since it adds additional macro keys.

First, note that this keyboard has membrane type switches. They are not considered ideal for gaming, but they are much quieter than the mechanical ones. Count each key with RGB lighting individual that we can customize to taste. Also, this keyboard has IP42 protectionwhich protects it from dust and liquid spills.

It stands out from this keyboard that it has six macro keys that we can customize using the iCUE software. They may even have special assignments for live streaming using the Elgato Stream Deck software.

Something that we really like is that it integrates wrist rests, which improves ergonomics and prevents carpal tunnel problems.

Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT

Logitech G Pro TKL

It is likely that you want a middle point between a full format and another 60%, and of course, we bring it to you. Logitech It is another of those great manufacturers of peripherals that stands out, above all, for being highly valued among professional gamers. We bring, in this case, a high quality keyboard from TKL formatwhich removes the number pad and gives it a more compact design.

Use this keyboard GX Blue professional switches, developed by Logitech itself. These offer a perceptible and audible click, but with a light touch feel. It guarantees a solid and secure press, as well as offering great durability of the keys. Obviously, these keys have RGB lighting that we can customize through the G HUB software from Logitech itself.

Something very interesting is that this keyboard has a removable micro USB cable, that allows it to be removed for transport. This is very well thought out, since, if we are going to move it, the connection part of the cable with the keyboard is usually damaged.

Really complete keyboard of very good quality that is totally focused on gaming.

Logitech G Pro TKL

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