These options allow Windows Defender to protect you when using Edge

Defender is Windows’ default antivirus. Thanks to it, we can be protected against all kinds of threats from minute zero, avoiding falling into the clutches of hackers in the period of time after we install the operating system and our favorite antivirus. This security program has proven to be at the height of the large security firms, offering comprehensive protection completely free of charge. Also, if we don’t like it, we can easily install another antivirus by ourselves. Of course, although it seems like a simple antivirus, it actually hides many shields with which to shield our protection.

In addition to having your own antivirus engine running Always in the background, Windows Defender has additional protection shields that protect us while we make normal use of the PC. For example, while browsing the Internet. In this specific case, for example, we are talking about the browsing protection shield, which will protect us from the threats that are hidden in the network, as long as we use its own browser, Edge.

That’s how it works.

Check Edge Shields in Microsoft Defender

These security options are found in the section «App and browser control«. Inside here we are going to find two different security options, each with a specific purpose.

Windows Defender - Edge Security Options 1

The first of these is reputation-based protection. To do this, Microsoft Defender activates its SmartScreen filters to analyze the websites we visit, and the programs we run, so that it always warns us when an attempt is made to open a program, or a website, that has no reputation. In addition, we can activate the use of these filters specifically for Microsoft Edge, protecting our security when downloading files or opening malicious websites.

Windows Defender - Edge Security Options 2

And the second option is «Isolated navigation«. What this option does is protect the security of our computer by opening Edge in a safe and isolated environment. A kind of virtual sandbox. In this way, if we come across a threat from the browser, it will not infect our PC in any way.

And the Windows antivirus doesn’t protect Chrome?

Unfortunately, this security feature only applies to Microsoft Edge. Despite having a shared engine, and being two almost identical browsers, neither Microsoft wants its antivirus to control and protect Chrome users, nor does Google want Microsoft’s antivirus to interfere with its operation.

Chrome already has its own security measures to protect users. When browsing, for example, we have Safe Browsing, While, when you run the browser, it already opens in its own sandbox mode, protecting the system from possible vulnerabilities.

The same applies to the different web browsers that we can install on our PC. For instance, Firefox, Opera or Vivaldi, to give a few examples. Everyone should have their own security measures, as Microsoft Defender will not lend its shields to protect third-party software. At least for now.

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