These PlayStation 5 controllers are modified for professional gamers

The DualSense it is probably the most advanced command that exists today. Sony has done a spectacular job with this product, brilliantly integrating the gamer into the video game through the senses. But having such a controller has its downside, and that is that with PS5, Sony ended third-party controller compatibility. The professional controls that were so successful during the PlayStation 4 era. Now, a brand called HexGaming has set out to bypass that limitation and promises to bring the professional controller back to PlayStation 5.

Rival, a DualSense that stands up to the DualSense

The HexGaming brand likes challenges, and given the impossibility of being able to manufacture their own controllers for PlayStation 5, they have proposed to get better Sony’s DualSense.

How do they do that? Well, exactly the same as when someone buys a car from a dealer and takes it to the garage to be prepared for the races. Starting from a original remote from Sony right out of the box, the company dissects it to create a modified version of the same. The customization can be done completely to the liking of the player and allows both to take certain advantages during the gameplay, how to improve and make the gaming experience more comfortable. But HexGaming does not stop there, and even offers controllers modified specifically for specific video games.

Professional features for professional gamers

One of the improvements that the Rival offers are the joysticks analog removable. To do this, they remove the original parts and replace them with others with a magnetic base. Thanks to this, we can replace the pad for another in a matter of seconds, either because the rubber has worn out, because we want another mushroom with better grip, because we need a control with higher or lower height or even for aesthetic reasons if we wish.

Also the Rival includes a couple of extra buttons on the back of the controller. They are fixed inside a wing-shaped panel and are really ergonomic and easy to press. If you are wondering how this is possible, you should know that Sony supports this feature, since a few months ago they announced the eXtremeRate RISE Remap Kit, an accessory that adds exactly this same function to the standard DualSense.

As if that were not enough, there is the possibility of choosing different options rear triggers, with the intention of shorten the pulse time or the Pressure that must be exercised to activate the button. All of these items, of course, have a better construction than the original parts. They allow to obtain a better feedback control and have a more precise handling. You can also refine the housing of the remote control itself, adding an extra rugosity to have better grip during games.

There are also infinite possibilities in the aesthetic field, so each player can create their version without fear of losing skills unique of the DualSense. The haptic response of the controller or touch screen is not affected at all after modifications.

Model prices

These modified DualSense controllers can be purchased from the HexGaming store. They start from 250 dollars, although if we want to add many personalized improvements, the price can skyrocket until 335 approximately. About twenty models already modified are also sold on the web.

Who is this command for?

With prices roughly quadruple the price of the original DualSense, this HexGaming product is not exactly targeting the general public, but rather those eSports players and competitive titles that with the arrival of PlayStation 5 have run out of possibilities to access the market for “pro” controls.

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