These plugins enhance the Foxit Reader PDF viewer

Working with PDF files, whether their own or from third parties, is something common for many users, as could happen with Word DOCX files. But as happens with the rest of the files that we use on our PC, here we must choose the software that most interests us or that meets our needs. This is the case of PDF Foxit Reader, one of the best-known office automation solutions of this type.

The first thing we must bear in mind is that working with a PDF file in depth is not as simple as with other text files. Here we are going to need some program that allows us to edit and modify these, and not all of them let us do it. (Ultram) It is true that there are many PDF readers that will help us in this regard. A clear example of all this can be found in most current web browsers, which open these files without problems.

But in the event that we want to carry out more work with a PDF from scratch correctly, sometimes we should use certain specific solutions. Here we are going to focus on PDF Foxit Reader, an interesting solution with functions for this type of use. In addition, it is worth knowing that the program presents us with a intuitive user interface who tries to make things easier for us. Despite all this, as usual, many users need to go one step further to get the most out of their programs.

PDF Foxit Reader interface

For this, some developers generally make this provision a series of extensions or plugins that enhance the functionality of your project.

Improve PDF Foxit Reader with these plugins

Generally, these add-ons that we install in our favorite applications serve to add functions that we cannot use natively. In addition, it must be taken into account that many of these extensions are from the developer himself, although sometimes we find add-ons created by third parties. In this specific case we are going to talk about a series of elements of this type that we can download directly from the official website of PDF Foxit Reader.

  • 3D Plugin: First of all, we come across a plugin that is currently in beta. This will be very useful when display 3D objects in our PDF documents.
  • Spell Check Language: if we normally work with files in this format in English, we are interested in installing this software element. He takes care of himself look for grammatical and spelling errors in forms which we fill in here. It will mark the possible mistakes made and also offers us synonyms for certain words.
  • Firefox Plugins: this is a complement that allows us to have a reduced version of PDF Foxit Reader included in the Mozilla browser. All this allows users to edit, view or print PDF directly from the program.
  • FileOpen: The plugin that we show you now has a very specific purpose. is in charge of allowing us view encrypted PDF with the program of the same name, FileOpen: In this way, if we work normally with these files, we avoid having to use the external application to view their content.

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