These programming languages ​​are a sure bet to find a job

We live in an environment in which we have become accustomed to using applications for everything, from managing the calendar, to editing photos, including those that allow us to access our bank, send text messages, enjoy streaming video and not forgetting the video game. If we take into account that practically our life revolves around applications, it is easy to come to the conclusion that, in the future, this is not going to change, so the programming sector is and will continue to be a profession with future and not without job offers.

If we talk about programming, we have to talk about programming languages. Obviously, not all programming languages ​​have the same outputs. As of 2022, developers sharing their projects on GitHub have used nearly 500 programming languages.

Most used programming languages

One more year, and there are already a few, javascript It has been in the most used programming language to develop applications, a fairly easy language to use if it is implemented both in applications for mobile devices and in web pages, although it does not offer the same versatility that we can find in others.

In second position, and consolidating this position that it achieved in 2019, we find ourselves with python thanks to its wide versatility, to develop all kinds of applications (widely used in the educational sector) such as automatic learning tasks based on text, images or videos and in Internet of Things devices.

programming languagesJava, is the third most used programming language throughout 2022, a programming language that has been giving war for more than 30 years and is hated and loved by the developer community in equal parts. It offers cross-platform versatility that most languages ​​lack.

If we talk about programming languages ​​that in recent years have ceased to have the relevance they had a few years ago, we have to talk about PHP and of Ruby. 8 years ago, PHP was the third most used programming language on GitHub. But, at present, this language is located in the seventh position, due to the three that we have mentioned in addition to typescript C# and C++.

While C# and C++ have remained more or less stable in recent years between the 5th and 6th position, Typescript has experienced enormous growth in recent years to become the fourth most used programming language. Ruby, at its best, was considered the 5th most used programming language, however, for years, it has not exceeded the tenth position in the ranking.

The programming languages ​​that have grown the most in 2002

The programming languages ​​that we have mentioned above are the ones that have been used the most. But, if we talk about the programming languages ​​that have grown the most throughout this year in number of users, we have to talk about LCH (HashiCorp) thanks to the popularity of the Terraform application used to manage data centers.

Rust in others, the languages ​​that have experienced the greatest growth throughout 2022 thanks to their reliability and security, a programming language used mainly for the management of cryptocurrencies and which, in addition, supports object-oriented programming.

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