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Many of us spend a good number of hours a day glued to the computer screen, some working and others carrying out other tasks. Whatever the reason, the truth is that if the CPU on this is noisy, this can become a serious nuisance.

This is something that sometimes even occurs on laptops, which is still a nuisance. Enduring background noise from our computer for all those hours, or a good part of them, is something we don’t even wish on our enemies. In most cases, unless the computer has a serious internal failure of some component, this is caused by the fans of the PC itself.

Therefore, below, we are going to talk about some methods to solve this annoying problem. Specifically, we are going to show you a series of applications that you can install on windows in order to solve the noise that these hardware components that we are talking about can produce. In addition, it is worth knowing that we can solve the problem with computer noise without having to spend a single euro.

Apart from the fact that it is always recommended that we clean them from time to time, as well as the exits of equipment ventilation. But once this is done, if the fans as such continue to make more noise than desired, there are certain software solutions that will help us control them, as we will see.

Eliminate the noise of your PC fans

These programs that we will talk about in these same lines are in charge of managing the computer’s fans. And it is that these hardware elements are usually the main culprits of the excessive equipment noise.

Hence precisely with a good management of these you can almost completely eliminate the unwanted sound that occurs when using it. This will prevent us from that annoying and constant noise that the computer produces while we are playing or working and that could end up driving us to despair.

  • SpeedFan: first of all, we will talk about what is considered one of the most popular solutions for these fan control tasks. It offers us all kinds of information such as voltage, speed and temperature of our team. Thus, it accesses the equipment’s temperature sensors and changes the speed of the fans, thus reducing noise.
  • Thinkpad Fan Controller: although it has been a long time without receiving updates from its developers, this is a program that will also help us to control fan speed. One of its main tasks is precisely to reduce fan noise in laptops. It presents us with several functions to achieve this and also ventilate the equipment correctly.
  • Fancontrol: here we find an application of Open Source which, in addition to providing us with interesting data on the PC’s temperature and fans, allows us to control its speed. Obviously, in this way we achieve the objective that we are looking for in these lines that we eliminate the noise of the equipment.

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