these screens with ultrathin edges will flood the market, 1 mm thick!

Smartwatches have become essential accessories for many users. In this area too, screen manufacturers compete in innovation to offer an ever larger display space. TCL and its subsidiary presented a slab with a very very thin border.

Credit: TCL

The famous leaker Ice Universe shared on Twitter an advertisement for probably thethinnest edge smartphone screen that it is possible to produce at the present time. With this OLED panel, the Chinese company TCL, through its subsidiary Huaxing, prides itself on offering a 83% display area and 570% increased mechanical strength.

The advertisement indeed reveals a watch of an undetermined brand with a rectangular body. By its shape, the model presented therefore comes to hunt on the lands of the Apple Watch Series 8. While the border of the Apple smartwatch is around 1.7 mm thick, the border of the TCL screen does not measure than 1.65mm. A difference that seems minimal at first glance, but the gain is aesthetic as well as practical, especially since the Chinese company is renowned for the efficiency of its tileswhich therefore enjoy good autonomy.

This screen from TCL has the world’s thinnest bezel

There Watch S2, the most high-end connected watch from Xiaomi, should be released shortly in our regions. It will be offered in two formats, 42 or 46 mm, with a circular AMOLED screen of 1.32 or 1.43 inches and a resolution of 466 x 466 px. By its form and its functionalities, it will come to rub shoulders with Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro, of which it will undoubtedly be a more affordable alternative.

This TCL innovation could also be found in the smartphones that will be released in 2024. The Xiaomi 13 already offers the thinnest borders on the market. Will the Chinese manufacturer do even better with its future high-end device? It is impossible for the moment to say, but knowing that TCL / Huaxing has announced the mass production of this type of screen, and that it has established a long-standing partnership with Xiaomi, it could well be that the border of the Xiaomi 14 does not exceed a millimeter thick.

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