These smart devices are the best sellers on Amazon and this is why

best selling home automation devices

If you like make your home smart, you don’t necessarily have to change appliances or spend a lot of money. There are some devices that are very popular, cheap and offer a wide range of possibilities. Mainly they are plugs with Wi-Fi, speakers and smart bulbs.

Wi-Fi plugs

On Amazon, among the best-selling home automation devices, we can find some plugs with Wi-Fi. They are very interesting, since you can even domotize old electrical appliances. For example, you could hook up an air conditioner or stove and decide when to turn them on or off. You’re going to have remote control over them.

The best seller of smart plugs is the TP-Link Tapo P110. It is easy to use and one of the reasons that attracts buyers the most is that it also has energy monitoring, so you will be able to know how much an appliance consumes. In addition, it is compatible with both Alexa and Google Home.

This pack of two brand smart plugs is also on the best-seller list. Meross. They are easy to use, again compatible with Alexa and Google Home and you can also use them to find out how much energy a specific appliance consumes. They are useful for saving electricity.

smart speakers

Smart speakers are very useful for controlling devices by voice. You can link different devices and use commands. You can control the music, set alarms, timers or create routines. They are easy to use and are also cheap devices, so they do not require a large investment.

The best-selling smart speaker on Amazon today is the echo dot fifth generation. It is a speaker that has Alexa and is used to control other devices that you want to link. It is easy to use, has a built-in temperature sensor and a good powerful sound system. It is important to have a good Internet connection and use the correct Wi-Fi band for these devices.

It is also very sold EchoShow 8. It is part of the list of the best-selling home automation devices currently on Amazon. It is physically different, it has an integrated camera and you can turn the device into a digital frame thanks to its 8-inch screen.

smart bulbs

Another type of very popular smart devices are Wi-Fi light bulbs. Economical, easy to use and you can place them anywhere. There are many models available, although most are similar in the main: control the on and off, schedule or use motion sensors.

The best selling light bulb currently on Amazon is this TP-Link TAPO L520E. We can say that it is a basic, simple bulb with the essentials. It is compatible with Alexa and Google Home and does not need a Hub to work. You can place it anywhere in your home where you are interested.

This pack of two light bulbs is also very sold TP-Link TAPO L530E. They are multicolor bulbs, dimmable and compatible with both Alexa and Google Home. You can control them by voice and remotely. They are useful to save energy, since you can adjust the brightness as you need.

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