These smart glasses with a Raspberry Pi can identify gestures

Raspberry Pi Smart Glasses

The Raspberry Pi Smart Glasses are not an official product by The Raspberry Pi Foundation. Nor are they a proposal that, due to aesthetic finishes, can live up to what we have already seen in the past by Google and its Google Glass or with more recent proposals such as Amazon’s Echo Frame.

Still, you are smart glasses made with a Raspberry Pi Zero W by a very talented user named Laurila are amazing. So much so that they become one of those projects that would still be good to carry out, especially in schools and other educational purposes.

As can be seen in the published video (Teukkaniikka YouTube channel), these Smart Glasses are a striking proposal that combines the use of a Raspberry Pi Zero W with the camera module of the same and a PC with an AI that allows to analyze everything that it captures to interpret hand gestures.

Thus, each gesture can be assigned a predetermined action. For example, in those that can be seen in the video, with the pinch gesture and turning to one side or the other, you can control the maximum and minimum brightness level of a lamp. Or you can simply capture the image so that the AI ‚Äč‚Äčinstalled in the PC analyzes it and takes a projection that is superimposed in real time so that it can be seen.

Maker essence at its best

The project carried out by Laurila is, without any doubt in this regard, a very effective demonstration of the power of the Raspberry Pi, of its new camera module, but mainly of the talent of its creator and the essence of the maker.

It is these types of projects that, beyond the aesthetic or not that the solution may turn out to be, demonstrate everything that can be done today with a device like the Raspberry Pi and the appropriate knowledge. Logically, the level of miniaturization and aesthetics that a company with more resources can achieve in all aspects is unmatched, but here it is not about competing in that field but rather demonstrating capabilities.

So, this may motivate you to give a push to a project that you have in mind and have not started yet. Or to see that you can try to go a little further and look for something more challenging, a real challenge like this one from Laurila with which she set out to build her own smart glasses.

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