These smart insoles will keep you from running like the caponata chicken

Make your running shoes smart

Currently there are many devices that help learn more about different aspects of physical health of the user. Either by quantifying the exercise or measuring certain data that are then analyzed and allow you to know if you are in good physical shape or which sections you should improve to achieve your goals.

Thus, for example, there are proposals focused very on sports such as Garmin smart watches, the Apple Watch or even the Xiaomi Mi Band; There are also bands to measure the heart rate like those of Polar that can be connected to the mobile phone, etc.

However, sometimes what an athlete is looking for is something more specific and that is where this manufacturer wants to attack with its intelligent insoles. The Nurvv Run Smart Insoles are insoles that you can use with your favorite running shoes to make them smart.

In this way, thanks to them and according to what the company itself promises, you will be able to completely transform your experience when running and improve your technique. Something that you cannot do unless you go to a specialized center where they have the necessary material to analyze the footprint and other factors that affect the race.

How Nurvv Smart Templates Work

Let’s start by looking at the templates themselves. These are not much of a mystery until you see that integrates 32 sensors plus a kind of tab that allows the part where the two batteries will be connected and the rest of the electronics that allows to interpret the data that is sent via Bluetooth to the devices with which it is compatible to the outside of the shoe itself.

Each of the sensors in the insoles are used to measure the force with which the footprint is made and in which parts of the sole of the foot a greater effort is made. Thanks to this, different records can be calculated that can help prevent, for example, injuries due to poor running technique.

Logically there are many more things that can be measured with these templates and improve your workouts. Thanks to Power, you can make use of Power Metric, Power Test and Power Workout with which to perform exercises appropriate to your physical form and objectives. You also have options to personalize the race live through a rhythm coach.

That is, the idea or the basis of these templates is to offer better information than other devices give by estimate and help against possible injuries that may be suffered if no remedy is applied before.

Integration with other devices and apps

These templates, beyond being used with your own application, would not make much sense if you did not allow integrate and share your data with other apps such as Strava or the Health application of Apple devices.

In this case that happens, but it also offers the possibility of being used in conjunction with Garmin watches or Polar heart rate monitors. So that you can have the entire set of data that allows you to analyze your workouts, progression and many more interesting sections for anyone who seeks to take the performance of different sports activities to another level, even without being a professional.

How much do Nurvv Run Smart Insoles cost?

Here we come to the hard moment: the Nurvv smart insoles price. If you want to get this device, you will have to pay almost 300 euros to change for them. A quite considerable amount if you take into account that then you have to add the price of the shoes.

If you are a regular broker you will know that they are not usually cheap either, so the investment continues to increase. The positive part is that if you like the world of running and you go out almost every day, then it will cost you less to invest. In addition, surely there are many things that at the data level can provide you with interesting information once analyzed on your own or through the app itself, which will also give you advice.

Of course, as negative points, next to the price of the device there is the addition of the capsule that is outside the footwear. It is supposed to be safe, but more than one will fear losing or damaging it during the race. Although in the end the decision to bet on them or not will be whether or not your level as a runner needs such a gadget.

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