These Suicide Squad outtakes are the best you’ll see today

The Insanity of The Suicide Squad

After an attempt in 2016 that didn’t come off very well, James Gunn he rolled the blanket over his head and decided to try again with DC’s wacky characters from Suicide Squad.

So nothing is this second film, released in 2021, which seems to have reconciled the public with the antiheroes, thanks to a better staged and entertaining plot than the first one. In it we see how some of the most dangerous and quirky criminals in the world are recruited for a special mission on an island. There they will have to face Starro, a giant alien starfish that spits out thousands of tiny stars capable of infecting people like zombies.

The result of such a story is a fresher film than the previous one, which critics liked much more and which entertained viewers more than expected. Although, of course, that is not surprising after seeing the video that Warner Bros. has now released, in which it is verified that to entertain in the cinema you have to have a good time shooting and the cast of The Suicide Squad… did!

The movie outtakes

It is always curious and fun to see behind the scenes of movies and series. The giant Warner Bros. Pictures, distributor of The Suicide SquadHe knows it well, so he has not hesitated to put together a nice video in which it is possible to see some of the false shots of the filming of the tape.

The idea with this video -which barely lasts about 4 minutes- is to upload the hype of fans before the launch of the digital formats of the movie. Thus, the followers of the most hooligan squad on the planet will have fun with never-before-seen images of the shoot while those who have not yet cheered up, may also decide to give it a try.

Ready to see actors messing with lines of dialogue, (accidentally) bumping a camera, or cracking up after forgetting how the script goes? Well, make yourself comfortable, turn up the volume (the outtakes are in English, yes) and get ready to smile.

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