These templates make it easy to create your family tree in PowerPoint

The different applications that are part of the Microsoft office suite, Office, allow us to carry out multiple jobs. A clear example of all this can be found in PowerPointthe presentation application with which we can also create a family tree.

Largely thanks to all the additional elements that we have the opportunity to use in this program, we will be able to design a multitude of multimedia projects. For this all we need is a little imagination and patience. If we add some basic knowledge of the application to this, we will obtain truly surprising results. In case you are looking for create a family tree Belonging to your family, this Office software tries to make things easy for us.

Of course, when carrying out a project of these characteristics we have several ways to do it. At first we might think that the most appropriate thing is to design the family tree manually. If we have the necessary knowledge, PowerPoint will allow us to do it, not without effort. But we can also seek help on certain items and thus save time and even get better results. To do this we can use a series of objects that try to make it easier for us to work with these programs. We refer to the templates that we can load in the presentation program thus saving a good amount of time and effort.

For those of you who don’t know, these templates are pre-designed documents for the program in question that already has the structure of the project for us to customize. These allow us not to have to start from scratch to design family tree and have a good part of it at our disposal from the first moment.

PowerPoint templates that allow you to create a family tree

Precisely because of all this that we have told you below, we will talk about some examples in the form of templates that will allow you to design a family tree. Obviously these are specially created so that we can load them in the PowerPoint program, so a priori we need the application as such.

tree powerpoint templateFamily tree: First of all, we will talk about this template to create a family tree in PowerPoint that Microsoft itself offers us. Its main feature is the image of the tree itself that it offers us by default so that we can customize it.

Genealogy PowerPoint Template: But if you prefer a more org-chart-like layout, this third-party solution will help. It is not as spectacular as the previous one but it may be more useful and functional for us. Its appearance is based on interrelated rectangles that we must customize to establish relationships.

horizontal organization chart: in this case we find a proposal similar to the previous one, but with a horizontal design. This mode may be easier to understand in some cases.

Editable Family Tree: On the other hand, if we want to give our family tree a more formal look, but with the use of photos, this is also an excellent alternative. We find an attractive template for PowerPoint that allows us to customize different nodes with the image of family members, their name and age.

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