These three accessories are must-haves for streamers and podcasters

The advantages of having the microphone in front of us are quite a few. On the one hand, we reduce the vibrations that can occur when typing or resting our hands on the table (many of us have a certain habit of making fuss while we speak), while on the other it also helps to clear the table when we do not need it.

Another very obvious advantage is the possibility of bringing the microphone directly in front of us and at the ideal height to capture the voice. This is especially useful in podcast recording, and also in live streams, where you can place the microphone in a comfortable place so as not to disturb either the table or the webcam image.

The accessory is really comfortable, and it has helped us a lot to place the microphone above the screen, at the same time that it stays perfectly tucked when we finish the recording session.

Elgato Wave XLR

elgato streaming

The other product that we have been able to test is also related to the microphone, since the Wave XLR is a USB controller that allows powering XLR microphones. As you well know, these microphones are characterized by avoiding distortion and electrical noise, so this base will allow you to obtain a very clean and quality signal.

In addition, its control dial is extremely comfortable, since from there we can control the volume of the microphone, that of the headphones that we have connected to the base (yes, it also has a headphone output), and make a transition between the volume microphone and PC sound.

elgato streaming

But there is still more. The 48V phantom power will allow condenser microphones to come to life, being able to achieve up to 75 dB of gain with very little noise. We can control all this from the Wave XLR itself with its control dial, although to curl the loop, we must install the official software Wave Link to have total control of all the audio sources of your equipment, being able to mix with total comfort and having at our disposal several independent input channels.

Elgato Stream Deck MK.2

elgato streaming

The second generation of the elgato customizable keyboard comes with an improved design, as the movable foot that allowed the keyboard to be placed at different inclinations is now a single piece that keeps the device in the same position all the time. This gives the product greater stability, as well as it fits perfectly next to other accessories of the brand, such as the Wave XLR.

At a functional level, this Stream Deck it is identical to the previous one. The changes only affect the aesthetic aspect, and what has been included is a USB-C connection that allows you to remove the cable when we need it (previously integrated). Along with that, the base that we have already discussed, which keeps the device firmer than before, which is greatly appreciated.

Stream Deck

For the rest, if you already knew the product, we are not going to discover its incredible possibilities. From this control panel we will be able to manage everything that comes to mind, since, thanks to the configuration software, we will be able to define macros and shortcuts with which to control aspects such as the volume of the recording, open a certain app, and even control the lights in our studio.

For all these benefits, the Stream Deck becomes an essential tool when making live shows or recordings, since you have everything at hand and avoid a lot of headaches that would be impossible to manage live.

Your personal study

elgato streaming

With these three accessories you will improve your workspace considerably. They are three elements that at first could be unnecessary, but once installed on your table they become essential for your work. That is why we believe that these are elements that anyone focused on their Twitch channel or who is working on a podcast should take into account if they want to significantly improve the level of production.

Naturally, it is a significant investment in some cases, but it must be taken into account that elgato products have an excellent finish and durability, so it is an investment that will pay off over time.

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