These two gaming keyboards are now for less than 50 euros

The Logitech G213 Prodigy, is characterized by being full format, having RGB backlighting and being splash resistant. We have, on the other hand, the Trust Gaming GTX 834 Callaz, a compact keyboard of the TenKeyLess type, with mechanical switches. Two very good solutions for gamers at an irresistible price.

Trust Gaming GTX 834 Callaz, compact and high quality

We can find different formats or, rather, sizes of gaming keyboards on the market. It is becoming more common for users to choose compact keyboards for their system, especially if they are short on space. The most common format or size chosen are TKL (TenKeyLess) which are characterized by eliminating the numeric keypad located to the right of the same keyboard.

If you are looking for a keyboard with mechanical switches, Trust offers you this GTX 834 Callz keyboard with Outemu Red switches, which offer a durability of up to 50 million keystrokes. These switches are considered the most optimal for gaming, due to their travel and tactile feel.

Seeking to offer robustness to this keyboard, a metal plate has been arranged where the switches are installed. Has been made a surface installation of them to make it easier to clean them.

As you can see, this keyboard has RGB-LED lighting on each of the different keys. Note that it does not require software for its operation or to move between lighting modes. It integrates up to 20 color settings and a total of 6 lighting modes. Everything is managed from the same keyboard, without programs.

The function keys are double, each one adds a specific function such as mute or volume management, open tools or audio and/or video playback control. The cable is meshed to offer more durability and an improved finish.

We are talking about a very good quality keyboard, perfect for playing shooter titles with a compact size. It is an excellent option, whatever the budget we have for a new keyboard.

Logitech G213 Prodigy, high-end at a mid-range price

Those who want a full layout keyboard, this is a great option, quite common among gamers. This keyboard is characterized above all by offering Logitech’s own mechanical switches. It is considered one of the best keyboards to play for its great relationship between quality and price.

This keyboard includes Logitech switches of very good quality and low noise. These have been developed seeking to offer the user the best gaming experience and to be very quiet. We must emphasize that this keyboard has resistance to liquid splashes and their prolonged presence. Logitech indicates that it offers a liquid splash resistance up to 60 ml, which is a lot.

Count with one wrist rest, something very important if we are going to spend many hours playing. This is a fairly sensitive area and one that is punished quite a bit by poor ergonomics, especially by the absence of wrist rests on the keyboards.

You cannot miss in a gaming keyboard the RGB lightingin this case managed by the software LIGHTSYNC. This allows us to increase the degree of customization, even offering actions based on more than 300 popular video games.

It has multimedia keys that allow us to pause, stop, advance or delay the playback of music and video. We can also raise and lower the volume, as well as mute playback.

It is possibly one of the best keyboards on the market, in terms of quality/price. It has a wrist rest, something that reduces wrist fatigue and maintains a correct position of the wrists.

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