These two graphics cards for less than €100 on eBay, are they worth it?

A few days ago we built you a PC for an approximate price of 600 euros, a little higher, and as you could see, the graphics card ate a third of the total budget, being the most expensive part of all. For us, the PC is the best gaming platform that exists and it seems unfair that not everyone can enjoy it. Nevertheless, sometimes it is necessary to buy a second-hand GPU and despite the difficulties that this entails, we have been able to observe two less interesting models that you can get for less than 100 euros second-hand.

RX 570 and GTX 1060 3GB. Which graph for 100 euros is better?

First of all, we must clarify that these are graphics cards with a few years behind them, however, their power does not differ from those that we can find in the entry-level range today. That is, those models at a very low price, but with much higher power than an integrated one. With the sudden entry of new units to stores, many of its users are replacing them with better units and this has caused many to end up second-hand at almost bargain prices.

cores 32 (2048 ALUs in FP32) 20 (1280 ALUs in FP32)
base speed 1168MHz 1594MHz
boost speed 1280MHz 1847MHz
VRAM Bandwidth 224GB/s 192GB/s
TDP 150W 120W

First of all, we have to clarify that the average power of both the RX 570 and the GTX 1060 is lower than a GTX 1650 SUPER, so from the outset we recommend you save a little more and opt for a slightly better graphics card. However, it may be that you’re going through a rough patch and don’t want to give up the pleasure of playing PC games.

On the other hand, do not forget that these are graphics cards that have been out of the market for a few years and may no longer receive performance improvements through graphics drivers. As for which one to choose, as you will see in the next section, both have a very similar performance today. So it will depend if your monitor supports G-SYNC or FreeSync

What performance can we expect?

To measure the performance of both cards, we have compiled a series of video games designed to be played alone. The reason for this is that while in the online game the speed of action is given importance, in these games, on the other hand, it is more cinematic games where the detail is the most important of all and, therefore, where the power graph is more important. That is why we have decided to test the different games at a medium quality level and in Full HD resolution.

Many of these titles have been designed to work at 30 FPS and although having 60 frames per second is preferable, it can be said that the visual quality of a previous generation console is obtained and, therefore, at the level of PS4 and Xbox One. Which is not bad for graphics that can cost us less than €100.

As for the classic and most played multiplayer games, in the event that you are playing at a 1080p resolution, then you should not have problems in one case or the other to be able to enjoy games like Counter Strike Global Offensive, Valorant, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Minecraft, No Man’s Sky, World of Warcraft, and many others, then you won’t experience any performance issues while playing at that resolution.

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